How many monitors are attached to your home computer?

I answered one, as I invariably use a laptop. I do have a large monitor, but that would then tie me to a desk.

I also have a projector, but I guess that doesn't count.

@fitheach Yes, I meant simultaneously. I've used 2-3 for so many years now that I feel cramped spending any time with just one. 2 is a minmum.
A third is nice for tailing logs, but that needn't be on the same pc - synergy will do to copy/paste ip addresses to DROP.

I achieve the same sort of thing using virtual Desktops.


@fitheach You win! :-)
The difference is that I can have a pdf or w/e as reference on the left monitor while I'm typing on the right. Or a reference image with gimp on the right. Many uses that can't be done with virtual spaces by themselves.
Another example, each desktop spans two monitors, but each monitor has its own wallpaper. On one desktop I always leave the left blank, because it has a world map as wallpaper and my geo of some areas is dodgy.
Wallpaper is a good place for cheat sheets.

Swings and roundabouts. It is a difference in preference. I prefer the convenience of portability.

Ctrl F1, Ctrl F2, Ctrl F3 etc. to switch between virtual Desktops. WFM.

@fitheach It is indeed all swings and roundabouts. Just a post by @mike made me wonder as I thought it might go 60/40 2:1 for number of monitors.
So far one H2G2 fan has 42 though, which is kind of skewing the results a little :-)

42 monitors? The electricity company will be loving that.


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