Hey, people using a static site generator like Jekyll or Hugo that uses Markdown docs - what's your workflow/toolkit for organising images and stuff for posts?

I think the only thing really holding me back on a couple of sites is that I love using lots of images in the middle of posts, and I've kinda relied on being able to drag things into and around my posts on the fly with things like the Wordpress editor and I haven't found an alternative that really clicks with me yet.

@gemlog @mike I use Pelican (Python Based), need a custom gallery/image carousel? It's easy enough to write your own or write in a popular library. My website is in my profile if you wanna see what I've done with it


@trevdev @mike Thanks for helping trev. I thought you used hugo for some reason.

@gemlog @mike I checked it out. As fast and as impressive Hugo is, it made more sense to use a back end I was familiar with and could do anything with in a week instead of learn a new thing entirely

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