So. You are boycotting Amazon. Good for you. Did you also do all these companies that Amazon owns outright? There's a few... Here's a list (long list):

Good catch!
I don't think I've bought from anyone on that list.

@gemlog a fair bit of a long list, hey?
Might even seem overwhelming.. Guess doing some ethics under #capitalist occupation isn't as easy as might initially seem.

@ahanon What an interesting link!
Will I get up and perform the 4 sh's or read that tab now?
Oh sigh. I'll perform the four sh's, dress like a human and get a cuppa first!

@ahanon @gemlog it seems long, yet of all those companies I have only ever dealt with Curse and Amazon at all, and neither of those extensively.

The clothing brands pad the list a fair bit.

@RandomDamage @ahanon Not to worry - there are plenty of other huge conglomerates to worry about!

More even: more than 90% of branded sunglasses and eye glasses frames are owned by only one manufacturing company called LUXOTTICA

Big pharma, big med, big retail...

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