Info an Interessierte aus #Frankfurt und Umland...
#SmartCity #Digitalisierung
"Frankfurt am Main: Auf dem Weg zur intelligent vernetzten Stadt
Online-Befragung zur städtischen Digitalisierungsstrategie startet

… Ab Dienstag, 21. Mai, haben die Frankfurter vier Wochen lang die Möglichkeit, ihre Ansichten zur „Smart City“ in einer Online-Befragung einzubringen."

@vilbi 'Smart City' is such a fuzzy term.

"Yet what has drawn the most concern and curiosity with regards to Quayside is a uniquely 21st-century feature: a data-harvesting, wifi-beaming “digital layer” that would underpin each proposed facet of Quayside life."

And that is *all on top of what they already collect*

Banks, cc companies, search engines, telcos, credit agencies, govts, supermarkets and big box stores: they all buy and/or sell info to each other.

@gemlog @vilbi smart city means from my perspective the management of urban infrastructure (transport, utilities, communication) via a data layer (sort of) with the goal to become more efficient and livable (sort of) as a city


@askans @vilbi
That would have been my defintion too.
But that is not how it is playing out.
We must be very careful.

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