How does one go about commissioning or licensing work from creative folks (musicians, digital artists) in a way that is fair to both? Any handy resources or guides? I'd rather not go to massive content-farm-factory websites.

For what it's worth I'm in need of some music for a technically minded #ActivityPub podcast idea I have floating in my head and what better way to support the Fediverse than to actually look at paying for a license for some intro music and B roll music.

@gemlog Awesome! Thanks for sharing, do you know what their fediverse handles are, so if needed I can contact them?


These were on their pages:
@luka and

I thought I followed one of the powderpaints, but I guess I just wait for @snowdusk_ to boost her posts into my timeline when there's something new.

@gemlog @cj @luka @snowdusk_ dunno if our music will suit your podcast but if you want any of it instrumental give us a shout x

@powderpaint @gemlog a lot of our listeners love your music Powderpaint!! ❤️

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