Porn is dumb.
My thinking is that if you are with someone, looking at images of another is disrespectful and insulting.
If you aren't with someone, why would you want to wind yourself up?
It's stupid.

@gemlog The guys I write to in prisons love to watch cooking shows. Kinda the same thing. I never figured that out. Seems like torture to me.

@xmanmonk Thank you. It's always seemed stupid to me.
Never thought of writing ppl in prison. Maybe I should do that.

@gemlog I write about 20 a week or so. Very therapeutic.


Not only is it insulting, but it's sad!

"Pathetic" sad for the people watching, and "boo-hoo" sad for the people who probably threw their lives away to be pornographers!

@MutoShack Oh. You actually were thinking about it.
Still, it remains highly popular in the world.


Yeah, I have no idea why.

Reminds me of a friend I used to have, who thought I was either sheltered by my mother as a child, or a religious extremist, just because I told her I didn't watch porn! 😅

Not only is it popular, but it's /casual/! Like I swear "Seen any good porn lately?" is the go-to small talk by now!

@MutoShack I didn't know that - but I'm nearly 60 now and maybe not part of modern culture.


Well. I'm exaggerating just a *little* bit, maybe 😅

But yeah, the stuff is *definitely* more popular than it should be!

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