So I'm an op on a Minecraft server with associated Slack and I typo'd while trying to /kill a weird glitching ender dragon and, well, here's my new Slack status.

My kid was shoulder-surfing while I was trying to track down the dragon in creative, and just said "here, you can just use /kill" and tried to walk me through it and then when I hit enter and got a death screen, paused a minute and said, "you do have a backup, right?"

(we did, of course, whew.)

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@gamehawk I have zero idea what game you're on about, but proud of him for the backup! :-)

@gemlog Oh, it wasn't *his* backup (he never even plays on the server anymore) but it's run collectively by a bunch of techies *and* we spool the whole server down at the end of every weekend and publish the map file in a git archive. Nobody'd done anything of significance yet this weekend so we just restored to the beginning-of-weekend point (though it does autosave periodically on the server).

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