I watched the first starwars... I liked it. Skipped the others. I disdained that it really hadn't been thought through very well when DV turned out to be a white guy and the dad of the kid. Not Jones.

You know what is really fun to watch? The japanese movie that Lucas copied - right down to the 'sword play'.

You probably know this already as Kurosawa is so famous, but I had no idea until a bit over ten years ago.

It opens with two idiots squabbling in the desert...


I've never heard of the Hidden Fortress! I'll put it on my to-watch list for sure!

@MutoShack My best mate is a movie freak and long retired. He gets high and watches like 2 movies or a movie and a docu every night. And he was a videographer for a living and ran our local documentary film festival.
I haven't watched all he's recommended over the years, but I sure as heck know about it all ;-)
I havent seen many movies really. E.g. one LOR. My kids made sure I've seen the Princess Bride and the Sound of Music like ten Zillion times though.

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