Canada intends to change the law to make it harder for asylum seekers rejected by countries like the US to file refugee claims at the border.

Great. Now we're equally mean spirited, cold and unfriendly. Why help our fellow humans? Fuck that says my government. Let's put them between a rock and a hard place instead. Mr. Trudeau wants to sit at the grown-ups table with Mr. Trump.



There are no humans, only paying customers & the riffraff!


You tell me

The Italian government is sending people in concentration camps in Libia

Every day. What am i missing? I can't read italian. I won't read usian sites.


The Italian government has given some motorboats to the Libian "coast guard" in order to keep people from fleeing

The people are being kept in terrible conditions, untold violence takes place

@AbbieNormal Fuck. My govt just started being bastards at the border too (canada), australia is legendary, I knew .it got a rightist govt, so it's not a shock.
So sad.

@gemlog it has been witnessed by both non governmental and governmental organizations



Torture, sexual and not, is commonplace in Libian camps

Malnutrition, beatings, keeping people underground in large groups for months

Tv networks, all sort of agencies have witnessed all that

Our government insist that people should be "rescued" by libians as Libia is a safe spot, according to international law

@AbbieNormal So, same as oz et alia.
So disheartening being a human these days in the west.

@AbbieNormal Thank you. I have read around about libya lately. Another eeuu created disaster.


It is all the same disaster

The EU is a group of governments

It should be one government itself and the citizens should vote for it parliament with full legislative power

The current EU parliament has no legislative power, did you know ?

Only governments can propose bills

But that's a different issue

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