It is well worth visiting Castle (Caisteal) Tioram, even though you can't enter the building for safety reasons. You can still look around the castle, & there are some great views.

The castle sits on Eilean Tioram, which is a tidal island in Loch Moidart (a sea loch). Ten minutes before I took my Profile photo there was only exposed sand. Ten minutes after my Profile photo and the tide had come in fully (see photo below). You'd either have to wait it out or swim for it!


@fitheach Sadly, every castle I ever entered suffered from trash, urination and graffiti.

Good from afar, but far from good.

Nice final line. 😃
Castle Tioram is out-of-the-way and doesn't suffer from these problems. Sadly, plenty of litter elsewhere.

@fitheach I got that line from a franco when i was a kid. He deployed it to describe girls of doubtful appearance.

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