Things no one warned me about when I came to Mastodon:

. You'll use CWs for things that aren't triggers
. You'll crush and hard for many fedi peeps
. You'll shitpost, eventually make an account just for that
. You'll care about strangers online and they shall no more be like strangers but a family instead
. There'll be at least one person telling you to go to sleep already
. You can always ask for help and help shall make your way, one way or another

To be continued, I'm sure! :ablobsmile:


That is mostly right! :-)
I could use more CW, but really, ppl could just stop telling me what to post and block or mute me.
Crush hard... yes
Shitpost... well, not on purpose, but...
Care, yes. Absolutely.
Sleep, yes
Ask for help? Yes!! And rx'd it? Yes!

@gemlog You can always mute them. ;)

But I get it. I used to have a really hard time with CWs when I joined. I even thought I wouldn't use them for stuff like selfies, and yet, I did.

I don't like it when people who aren't even following someone demand for CWs, though. Unless it's an admin making sure the instance's rules are being followed, I don't see much sense in demanding anything from a stranger...

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