Mastodon is fucking brilliant! It just is.
When do I visit the local timeline? Never.
When do I visit the federated timeline? Also never.
I have populated my home timeline with super-interesting ppl who I really, really like who post and boost interesting stuff.
In various languages.
About a zillion topics.
I'm living in startek. This thing is amazing to me every day! :-)

@gemlog I use the local timeline a lot cause SDF attracts cool people and they're often fodder to follow. I never go on federated timeline, though. It's trash.

@tomasino That may be an advantage to actually choosing a 'theme' based server.
I'm on a german language server and that's my worst one to read, so ... I have to work hard to read german. I've only glanced a few times, but then I read ppl to follow...
OK, that's my worst one to read that I'm trying to read.
Even worse is russian, because I haven't even learned the alphabet yet.

@gemlog I started on social, then icosahedron, ouilepo, and a few others before I found SDF. My experience of Mastodon was not nearly as good before aligning myself with a relevant local instance. It has made a huge difference.

@tomasino For me, the very nature of federation makes the local instance unimportant.
I started with one in australia (it died) moved to one in canada (it went down too often) and now my home one in germany.
I think the important thing is uptime. Nothing else really matters, because of the federated nature of the thing.
I could make my own instance tomorrow, export all my data and start over. Who cares?
Some would refollow me, some wouldn't... My tight buds would and others wouldn't bother.

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