I tried something new, prepared mustard with coriander seed.

I may have overdone the coriander.

Oh well, I'll be enjoying it for the next three weeks, at least.

#food #mustard


@fitheach I'm still not happy with what I'm doing. It's too hot (but I use it anyway, of course).

I'm reserving final judgement until breakfast tomorrow. The mustard usually takes a while to mature.

The darker the mustard seed the hotter. Also, the longer you leave the mustard soaking in water (before adding the vinegar) the milder it becomes.

@fitheach I'm too impatient. I should wait longer before adding the acid or use warm water I guess.

I did once or twice do a 0 minute and it was fairly hot. The shortest I usually do is 5 minutes, the longest 20 minutes. I never find the mustard too hot.

@fitheach Oh my! I'm sure I've never gone even a minute! :-)
No wonder it's hot!

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