No. I have watched this whole vid
I don't agree this is a good idea, although it may be an interim idea to some.
I first learned about knapsack algos and pub/priv keys in the early 80's. Their daily utility is long overdue - I have very few people with whom I correspond using pgp for example.
Key pairs need to be baked into the fediverser and it needs to 'advertise'/federate a 'phonebook' of users.
It's like Riot and Masto/Pleroma/pixelfed and peertube need to go on a double-date! :-)

@gemlog I tried to get people on board with Riot and the first laymen I brought into it left frustrated. Unfortunately Riot has a ways to go before anyone can feel comfortable and at ease with the interface/process.

@trevdev This has been the problem with the tech since I first learned it in the early 80's (and it was already not new).
I'm guessing a token or a fob might be the way forward. Maybe with a pin or something.

@gemlog If so many people can get on board with crud like Slack or Discord, I really feel like they should be able to get on board with the *right* solution for privacy/security. I guess the biggest problem now is "I already have chat/file sharing" and "what? Another app? Why?"

"The other guys" are doing something right to garner the attention they're getting. The OSS/Crypto privacy needs more of whatever they're doing.


@trevdev Somehow ppl have taken it as normal that their communications are shared with corporations. That's quite bizarre.
Our interpersonal communications should be private by default.
If we are primarily communicating electronically, then that means strong crypto.
It should be just everyday, nothing to think about here, behaviour.

@gemlog If you ask anyone born in the 90 onward why, they won't give you an answer you'll be satisfied with, that's for sure.

People with the money and the leverage to popularize messaging and social media to the unwashed masses set the standard before anyone the wiser could. Plain and simple.

The question that nags at me at this point is: What could someone do to combat that culture and effectively re-take the narrative? I think stuff like Keybase is trying. How could we do better?

I think we've already talked about it bud.
The fediverse as tech for all the things and crowd funding for much else.
Also changing our effing govt and voting system, but we'll get there (or lose dramatically and tragically).
I think we are at the cusp. Maybe not quite my lifetime (but could happen) will dictate the next 500-1,000 years.
Mussolini described fascism as the fusion of capitalism and government (too lazy for ref links). This is exactly what we have.

@gemlog @trevdev
We should think more about The problem at hand than thinking about a lot of "what if's". Like what if i post it and it is tagged to me for my lifetime and beyond.

No one should be afraid to express.

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