I have a weakness for songs with stories in them. (I'd use the word ballad, but I'm not sure the encompasses everything.) Some of my favorites are about vengeance. Examples: The Decemberists' long pursuit of vengeance in "The Mariner's Revenge Song", Gillian Welch's short, instant vengeance in "Caleb Meyer".

Now I have a new one to add to the list. A mysterious, full throttled rocker from TWRP and The Protomen: "Phantom Racer". I particularly enjoy the chorus.


@cstanhope I love that decemberist song too. You like know this one already from stan rogers?


@gemlog @cstanhope I love story songs too, although I started listening for lyrics less and less once I got into playing instruments and listening to a broader range of styles. You both probably know Johnny Cash's 'A Boy Named Sue', but you may not have heard 'Buenas Tardes Amigos' by Ween:


@strypey @cstanhope
Oh good, stanhope is already on here.
I didn't see the ending coming!! :-)
Very good.

@gemlog @cstanhope yeah, I like the way the ending is foreshadowed ("you look like my brother, Mama loved him the best"), but never given away. It's a very odd song for Ween. I can't really think of any other story songs they do, or any acoustic guitar songs, or many songs that are as long as that one.

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