I have a weakness for songs with stories in them. (I'd use the word ballad, but I'm not sure the encompasses everything.) Some of my favorites are about vengeance. Examples: The Decemberists' long pursuit of vengeance in "The Mariner's Revenge Song", Gillian Welch's short, instant vengeance in "Caleb Meyer".

Now I have a new one to add to the list. A mysterious, full throttled rocker from TWRP and The Protomen: "Phantom Racer". I particularly enjoy the chorus.



@cstanhope I love that decemberist song too. You like know this one already from stan rogers?


@gemlog I was not familiar with that one. Listening now. Thank you!

@cstanhope Me a buddy used to sing it down at the pub.
Crap voices though - we weren't popular when we got that drunk ;-)
It didn't help that in retaliation to any heckling we'd move on to

@cstanhope I have rather broad musical tastes and I'm not sure if I'm stretching yours, but this poem put to music and singing comes to mind as well:



@gemlog Oh yes! I have listened to that many times, but I have packed away my music for over a decade, and I have forgotten much of what I had. Thank you for the reminder! I haven't heard Lorenna McKennitt in too long. :)

@cstanhope You're very welcome.
Also, you're safe from further posts on the topic now, because nothing else comes to mind.
There are other stan rogers songs you may like and you'll find them on your own I'm sure.
You must know this one though:

@gemlog Yes, I know and like that one. It came to mind while I was listening to Stan Rogers. :)

@gemlog I was in the middle of my work day, so I couldn't contribute back. I'll just suggest this one and leave you in peace as well. Marty Robbins "El Paso". You've probably heard it before, but I've loved this song since I heard it as a child. m.youtube.com/watch?v=-zBzZJd-

I remember that album cover and that song from when I was about 5-6 years old.
Holy fsck.
Thank you.

@gemlog @cstanhope I love story songs too, although I started listening for lyrics less and less once I got into playing instruments and listening to a broader range of styles. You both probably know Johnny Cash's 'A Boy Named Sue', but you may not have heard 'Buenas Tardes Amigos' by Ween:

@strypey @cstanhope I'm still laughing!! You put your left foot in Vancouver... :-)

@strypey @cstanhope
that song speaks to a very sad and embarrassing truth about canada.
It should get played more.

@gemlog @cstanhope I think there's some truth in the idea that embedding facts like that into story form, and telling those stories in art (in any medium), makes them easier for people to empathize with and accept. We've had a series of great films and songs made by Māori, the indigenous people of Aotearoa (NZ), that I think have made important contributions to the public debate around honouring the treaty the settler government made with them.

@gemlog @cstanhope a recent example is this song about land confiscation by a young metal band called Alien Weaponry, whose members all have whakapapa Māori (indigenous ancestry):

@gemlog exactly! I always thought that putting metal and haka together would work. It brings tears to my eyes every time I hear that song.

@strypey@mastodon.nzoss.nz Didn't it?
I'm pleased I could even put that together from my far culture :-)

@strypey@mastodon.nzoss.nz Didn't it?
I'm pleased I could even put that together from my far culture :-)

@strypey@mastodon.nzoss.nz Didn't it?
I'm pleased I could even put that together from my far culture :-)

@strypey@mastodon.nzoss.nz Didn't it?
I'm pleased I could even put that together from my far culture :-)

@strypey@mastodon.nzoss.nz Didn't it?
I'm pleased I could even put that together from my far culture :-)

@strypey Didn't it?
I'm pleased I could even put that together from my far culture :-)

@strypey Looks like this instance is back.
It's on contabo in .de and they do bounce up and down a bit (I have two vps there)

@gemlog @cstanhope films like Utu, Once Were Warriors, The Whale Rider, River Queen, and Boy, have all played a role in shaping mainstream perception of the indigenous experience in Aotearoa

@strypey @gemlog And this one is tragically dark, but I'm glad to have heard the story.

@strypey @cstanhope
Oh good, stanhope is already on here.
I didn't see the ending coming!! :-)
Very good.

@gemlog @cstanhope yeah, I like the way the ending is foreshadowed ("you look like my brother, Mama loved him the best"), but never given away. It's a very odd song for Ween. I can't really think of any other story songs they do, or any acoustic guitar songs, or many songs that are as long as that one.

@strypey @gemlog Yeah, "A Boy Named Sue" is a good one, but I definitely had not heard "Buenas Tardes Amigos". That was delightfully dark. Thanks for sharing it!

@cstanhope @strypey
I finally listened to the whole thing now (hey, it's over 7m long).

Wow. That is dark as fuck.
Great ballad though. You really nailed cstanhope's request for sure!

Buenos Tardes Amigo

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