Anonradio @snowdusk_ show!!

So fun and so good in com mode chat :-)

We broke 50 listeners! Wow!

Now I want to see 100 listeners.

We can do it.

Another people hit sure, but how about another 50 mastos get a free ssh account on Do it.

And many linux/bsd people stand ready to help you over any hurdles (which are slight really)

Please boost this wonderful site. And some great streaming music. Non-capitalist commercial free.

@gemlog I still can't believe my eyes.. .i have seen 500+ before but that was a fluke/someone messing around with the numbers hahaha 😝 Thank you gemlog for tuning in and for hanging out on com!

@snowdusk_ Hey, I promote constantly :-)
That was for sure the right number tonight and I think in a month or so we can double it.
All for real bud.


That's pretty cool!

I usually don't boost long posts but you used some sweet persuasion there (I'm a sucker for "Wow!" and "we can reach this reasonable-yet-still-challenging goal!")

@MutoShack Well snow is such a fun dj and he's coming up on his 500th broadcast...
50 simultaneous listeners is good (some listen to the archive too), but 100 would be way better :-)
I love his show and the experience in live chat with the other listeners in either com mode on or irc.

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