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I just had a great idea for how to delight my grandgirls for breakfast tomorrow morning.

Now I can't sleep, because I'm thinking about how to delight my grandgirls for breakfast...

You see where this is going.

They are relentlessly adorable.

Like their mom :-)
She's so great!

Well. Got to give this day up as a bad job.
good night all.

You know, whenever I see a post from dokuja I say the name out loud. I don't know why.
And I say it in a particular way, as if it is a surprise each time.
It's hard to describe in text, but of the three syllables I hit the first hard with emphasis, quickly follow with the second and then drag out the third for dramatic effect
I'm not making this shit up! I actually say this sotto voce whenever I see a post from:
If you were sitting next to me, you would hear it! @dokuja :-)

I've just now decided to stop appologizing when I throw in the odd cuss or sacra.

1) you know I have great respect for you in the first place

2) they really don't mean anything very gauche in quebec and

3) you hear worse on channel four panel shows anyhow

Oh, and finally

4) You taught them all to me in the first place!

OK, maybe not (4) :-)


> I don't normally like beat poets but...

The first "political" book I read in Cali was the Noam Chomsky book on 9-11 and that was my introduction to his work. When the towers fell I wanted to understand WHY anyone would do that, and this seemed a good place to start. This perspective sent me on a path that has lead me to where I am today, ideologically. It's also a nod to some of the other major influences in my writing that have passed; Howard Zinn & Kurt Vonnegut.


I should probably introduce myself. I've been using GNU/Linux for over 20 years now, since way back in the Slackware days. I've been a regular attendee of some of the US Linux conferences, and have finally gotten up the nerve to present at a few. I also do a bit of bicycle and motorcycle riding when the weather allows.

Let's imagine @tomasino is your boss for a second and he's giving you a real dressing down in person in his office.
Brain: "He has such a smooth, calming voice. I feel stress free and happy."
Voice: "Sorry -- you were saying bud?"
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"El único canal de TV exclusivo de caza. 24 horas, 365 días al año de caza y solo caza. Estrenos diarios con los que te vamos a sorprender."

So today I learned the word 'caza'.
I wondered what the heck was up with that channel! :-)

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This article made me laugh. It's about David Assman's attempt to get an ASSMAN vanity license plate, and what he did when he couldn't get the plate he wanted.


Reminder to everyone still working three dead-end jobs dog-walking, Uber-driving, grocery-running, adjunct-educating, hoping to win the killer-app lottery living in a coffin apodment or parents' closet, United Airlines aircraft engineers living in vans in $4000 rent cities, 70-year-old retirees going back to work in Amazon sweatshops sardine-packed 5 families to a house, and the other 60% of America in poverty after adjusting for rent/health care costs, as the biosphere dies.

Fuck Capitalism

User: "Give me administrator access and do the following..."

~The Difference~

Windows: *taps clipboard sternly*
"You can do this and that, but I'm going to have to stop you at some point."

Linux: *rolls sleeves, fires up chainsaw*
"Welp~ sure hope you know what you're doing BECAUSE HEEEERE WE GO :D"

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