I installed todoist the other day and started making lists of all the things I should do. At first I enjoyed the productivity, but I just kept adding more and more things each day and now I'm kind of regretting the whole thing except I'm addicted so I can't stop. For example, today I whipper snippered the whole yard, did a bunch of house work, built some shelves, studied several Mandarin lessons, exercised, didn't do anything fun, and now I'm exhausted but I still feel like a lazy failure 😔

Oh. That's weird.
Seems like Falco's youtube.com/watch?v=8-bgiiTxhz Der Kommissar was only popular in canada and not the usa.

Weil du Deutscher bist und ich alt bin, hat es mich nur daran erinnert. :-)

I just saw the simularity.

Hah Wolfgang! I just realized why I like your new avatar so much :-)

In my twenties, there was a song in German that was extremely popular in North America. It reminds me.


Falco - Der Kommissar (Official Video) 4 minutes

How the 'state of self-pity' that is Brexit stemmed from Britain's victory in WW II

Because there's like zero traffic in my area, I made gqrx play cbc fm. It's the middle of the night here and they are replaying prerecorded stuff.

This o'tool makes some good sense. Just turn it over ffs.


Super impressed you guys can write in kana/kanji. Even romaji doesn't help me, because I know so few words in japanese.
I can recognize a very small handfull of chinese characters. You know, the really complicated ones, like 'sun' :-)

When my friends post in Japanese, it's a problem, because the only translator I know for Japanese is Goog, so I have no idea what they are talking about.

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I've just thought. The introduction of Kryten on red dwarf was a sort of version of dinner for one.



Introduction to Antennas
Antenna Basics

Types of Antennas

Antenna Arrays

Antenna Measurements

Smith Charts and Impedance Matching

Antenna Design

Antenna Engineering Careers

Antenna Definitions

Antenna Forum

Topics Related to Antenna Theory



reading this article on how metastasizing corporate social media suffocated community on the internet (in particular art communities like deviantart) artsy.net/article/artsy-editor makes me think that—like learning html and css—learning how to set up and administer and customize your own installation of forum/community software should be considered a basic part of internet literacy

We live in a world where stealing our attention is the most profitable business. Yet, knowledge work demands long periods of focused attention to get anything worthwhile done. We must constantly fight to protect our attention from the myriad of digital and physical distractions. Constant distraction is our default state now unless we take active steps to create focus.

#DeepWork #Focus #Attention

Found this tool that uses deep learning to automatically colourized black-and-white photos.

It seems to have trouble with grainy photos and photos of large crowds, but otherwise works pretty good!


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