What a mirabilis resource is mastodon!
In just the past few days I've learned and read about music, shell scripts, encryption, astronomy, phys-chem, and history. Math is a given. Food forests. Housing co-ops. And in like 5-6 spoken languages. Still working on even sounding out Russian...

@amiloradovsky sorry, I know it's after midnight, but I have to go and come back.

Ed25519 is the best recommendation in 2019.
Generate an Ed25519 key:

ssh-keygen -a 100 -t ed25519 -f ~/.ssh/id_ed25519

Now I have a killer key pair. Where will I change out my old one?

I was going to look up some catchy viking talk but... Lost on only you and Bjarny anyhow :-)
How are you and your family settling in? How is Wit doing with making friends and talking?

@gemlog @adamd you can do something similar with keypass or 1password, or just pick memorable passwords for your keys like "this is a phrase for tilde town". Knowing how to use ssh-agent is really helpful for making lots of keys more manageable.

Credit to @mwlucas and his ssh mastery book for it's fantastic information

And now I feel stupid. OK, even more stupid than usual.

In my lifetime countries have come and gone, but this kid is on top of them all.


"When asked to enter a passphrase, do so. An ssh key without a passphrase is completely vulnerable if stolen."
That's true, but how to do cron jobs? An 'expect' script literally has your unhashed passwd. Only multiple key pairs I guess.

J'ai besoin de meilleures nouvelles du terrain en France. Veuillez me donner une adresse à lire.

OK, this is a shit post.
My good friend asked me to shop a laptop for his kid. Grandkid actually.
I gave screen shots and text in an email after I shopped locally.
I found a nice lenovo with touch screen, usb3, usbC and yadda yadda for ram and disk. 400cad.
He dropped off a piece of shit acer instead. What the actual...?
Why ask me?
I already feel like crap doing microsoft and now the h/w is shitty too.

Oh man! I feel so stupid. Trying with the wrong user name even. What an idiot. My assigned user name is a very short english word.
I suppose I should upgrade my public key finally too - my key pair is ancient. I'm talking decades.
What is the received wisdom for algorithm and number of bits these days? @tomasino @jbob @tk

Two worms that have been frozen in permafrost for up to 42,000 years have come back to life, and are now considered the oldest living animals on the planet


"We can’t go into every erroneous, obnoxious detail. And readers would be advised to go to alternative reports by independent journalists like Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley for accurate accounts of how Syrians are dealing with the aftermath of war and what the people actually think about who caused their war-torn fate."

Unsolicited pro programming tip 

@gemlog @cosullivan @xmanmonk @bcshort

Ofcom (UK Communications Ministry) publish lists of frequency allocations for broadcasters, but they are more for technical reference and don't show the music policy (you need to look at each stations licence for that).

648 KHz (Radio Caroline) is good for prog rock and Britpop; Classic FM is at 100-102 MHz FM and Radio 3 is around 90.2 and 92.6, but Twente SDR in NL would only receive UK FM signals during times of strong atmospherics >>

Brazil: Jair Bolsonaro sends in army to tackle Amazon fires
What shit. Just yesterday he claimed foreign activists lit all the fires just to discredit him!
He lit them all personally in a way. For all his capitalist friends.

I know you are divided about talking details of your surgery, but I can tell you are happy!! :-)

It's not just evergreens and berries I'm learning about. Two different days we went in to the timber for shrooms. The first day I came away with a bolete and some pine mushrooms. Today I brought home a few lobsters - nice ones too!

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