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A few weeks ago I (virtually) presented a #workshop on dealing with stage fright at the International Thespian Festival.

Now that the festival has ended, I'm happy to be able to release the #video under a #CreativeCommons license on the #InternetArchive

I'll leave it to the viewer to determine if my askew perspectives on fear have any useful applications outside the world of #theater. Regardless, enjoy seeing me talk shop to an adorable stuffed lion named Glitter.

Have I told you lately that I love you? :-)
Well... I can't possibly be in romantic love with you and I only have your wedding foto to go by BUT I am very much in favour of many aspects of you despite that.
It looks wet and humid down there. I just wanted to send you a brief (not clammy!) hug :-)

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Welcome to the jungle.
Looks like the same weather today. Maybe more rain. I'll see what my boss thinks if we go or not.
The trees are patient - we don't need to work every day anyhow.
Instead, We can dance if we want to... and I still need to write something with pysimplegui to get myself going again.

Blame canada. No one wants to come here.
A 95% drop in air travellers. Week on week we had 836 thousand last year and only 45 thousand for the same week this year.
My tiny local airport is barely open with like 2 flights a day.

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Europe, Asia, the americas, indonesia, oz - we are lucky to read uncensored news here on masto from all over the world.
I do wish there was a way to pm with gpg though sometimes.
Easy to put into the server. It's all the clients...
And a repo of public keys. We need to fix this. It effects email and much else.

I come from the land of the ice and snow From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow!!
I do actually :-)

I was thinking of the j&k in a post, but this music came to mind after. Such a mess.
Kashmir (2007 Remaster)
No relation politically, obviously.

How about I just shut up and stop endangering you like an idiot?
I forget if you dabble in python much?
I enjoy signals and slots - I think QT is the best gui tk ever! EVAR! :-)
But it is really over kill for some quick and dirty things
But things like c/g/kdialog are 'under kill' to coin a phrase.
TKinter is... weird to me. Probably a guile/scheme/lisp guy like @MutoShack would like it. Anyhow, I love this wrapper just installed it the other day.

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Brasiliens Präsident Jair Bolsonaro hat die Gefahr durch das Coronavirus stets heruntergespielt. Jetzt ist er selbst positiv getestet worden.
Positiver Covid-19 Test bei Bolsonaro: Bolsonaro fiebert und hat Corona
#Brasilien #JairBolsonaro #Coronavirus #Amerika #Politik #Schwerpunkt

@glove OMG. It's driving me mad.
You can't just play music 'into the air'. You have to come back to the right note to end on! There's a structure! You can't just fob it off - it needs to complete, to feel whole.
I'm too old, but this just makes me want to learn music for myself.
Yes. I'm grateful to have an upright piano in the house. But damn... Me gustaría que alguien en el teclado supiera lo que estaba haciendo... grrrr!

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Oh. Please god. Make it stop!
One of my housemates is murdering moonlight sonata. She can't read and she won't learn. Fuck.
For the past hour she's been trying (badly) to feel it out. It just has tantalizing hints of being almost right sometimes. And then she repeats her mistakes over and over and ..
I have an idea.
I will put in earbuds and listen to an archive of DJ @glove
Yes! That totally works! :-) blessed relief!! :-)
Yes. This is way better! :-)

My best mate just sent me this. He's fascinated by it!
Do you know of it?
Gearrannan Blackhouse Village
Outer Hebrides, Scotland

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‘The Intergalactic Wasabi Hour - Live Mix by snowdusk on #Tilderadio - Ep 010 - 2020/07/07’

Last night I played #minimalwave #darkwave #coldwave #synthwave tunes

Thank you for tuning in to the live show and for chatting with us on IRC! 🙏


00:05 Martin Dupont - Just Because
04:47 Cabaret Voltaire - Spread the Virus
08:20 Peine Perdue - Nuit Blanche
11:12 Requin Chagrin - Sémaphore
15:04 Clan of Xymox - Michelle
18:05 Asylum Party - Play Alone
24:07 Daily Fauli - Speed
27:07 TRISOMIE 21 ~ See The Devil In Me
33:22 Molchat Doma - коммерсанты [Kommersant']
37:04 Кобыла и Трупоглазые [Kobyla i Trupoglaz'e] - Распад Петросовета [Raspad Petrosoveta]
42:12 Lebanon Hanover - Die World
46:29 Nine Circles - Vulkan
50:31 Siekiera - Jest bezpiecznie
55:35 Opera Multi Steel - Karma sous trame

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