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I really must get on and do something more productive! :-)
It's just so much fun messing with one-liners and watching the blinking lights...

Sachal Studios' Take Five
Dave Brubek said this was one of the best interpretations he'd heard. Orchestra out of Lahore.

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Has American society somehow missed the perfect opportunity to resurrect drive-in restaurants and movies?

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Gonna build some raised garden beds when things thaw out a bit. should be fun!

excited to do some /real/ gardening and not just "2 carrots and a tomato"

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YOU: so the A in RAID stands for "Array"?
US: Yes.
YOU: doesn't that mean saying "RAID array" is redundant?
US: Of course. That's what the R is for.

I'm unhappy about the yogurt and beans aspect.

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#lineageos #android #fairphone looking for a way to #clone ~20 phones. means i want to setup one, with all apps and settings made ready for the first start by the user, then clone this one to 20 new devices. any suggestions are greatly welcome.

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It is worth remembering that the MSM is owned by a few billionaires and put out propaganda rather than news. True journalism has almost been killed off and independence between 'news outlets' no longer exists.

I hear the same narrative on New Zealand TV news that I recognise from reading US news outlets on-line. They use exactly the same words at times.

For a brief time last year I noticed some real journalism, during the uncertainties of Covid-19 lock-downs, but it soon reverted.

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This photo only shows the reflected image of the wee cloud. The water was so still that the reflected image is near perfect.

A well established photo technique (painting too?) to see a familier scene with fresh eyes is to view it in a mirror. Scenes reflected in water have a similar effect, for me.


#photo #photography #landscape #Highlands #Scotland #Outdoors

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I know you guys like world-beat stuff. Here’s a link to an Edmonton salt ‘n’ peppa Afro-fusion combo. Music style is more or less Zimbabwean. Kinda crude production values but a decent listen with 3 cuts.
@MutoShack (coz EDMONTON! :-) )

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Clair hasad us Butternut Squash Burrito Bowls for supper.

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Dad hack 

If you need something to keep little kids busy scatter like $3 in change in a feld and give them a metal detector! Follow me for more dad hacks
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If I did everything correct, today's Dally Rhythms is pre-recorded and I don't think I'll be in com. The tracklist for the set can be found here (post goes live at 22:00 UTC):

#aNONradio #dallyRhythms

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Naheed Nenshi is not going to run again. Too bad. True human being.

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Today got off to a weird start when the chimney dispensed a pigeon into the living room. We got the dog out of the way, opened the patio door and shooed the birb outside.

Today continued weird when this happened again shortly afterwards. Not sure if it was the same pigeon - this one flew around the living room and got itself stuck in a corner.

The dog is very confused that the fireplace has become a pigeon dispenser.

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