Mass is late today. There is no 9 o'clock. No 11. Only a bizarre 10.
Fr. has decided all 3 masses should 'meet' each other.
When did this become a social club?
Besides, we do that at C & E anyhow.

Spent the last hour reading photos of protest signs and it was inspiring.

Don’t let anyone tell you protesting is pointless, it has a long tail.

"Civil rights groups have called it “perhaps the most dangerous surveillance technology ever developed”, and called for Amazon to stop selling it to government agencies, particularly police forces."

"Mr Vogels doesn’t feel it's Amazon’s responsibility to make sure Rekognition is used accurately or ethically.

“That’s not my decision to make,” he tells me."

Murky AF. I guess this kind of moral self-absolution is a necessity if you're in charge of Amazon.

They're going to pick BoJo aren't they? :-(
All he has to do is keep his clap shut to clinch it.

I never see the women are dumb spam except by mention. I never see a link or AT (thanks for that).

How 'bout all y'all just ignore the shit out of them. Don't talk, don't forward only block, hide and ask your admins to block their instance?

Don't waste any more of your breath than that on them.

Please. I'm sick of hearing about a problem I don't even see - except you are all defacto promoting it. You are. Don't turn this into twitter. Just use the tools you have and kill it. Don't feed it.

Some men use statistics in the same way that a drunk uses a lampost: for support, rather than illumination

Explicating trickle-down economics in a video focused on proving it merely flies in the face of forty years disproving its efficacy at raising all the boats. Reality sets in at some point.

GDP is up and the average income is down. Wage and food security is down. The 1% are far richer. More ppl are living precariously without union support.

2019 is shitier than 1968 for the common person

Comparing the Same Project in Rust, Haskell, C++, Python, Scala and OCaml - writing a compiler in each language.

Link to article:

Link to comments on HN:


Hi. On the Alternatives to the Internet page:

You might also include community wireless/mesh networks:

The largest (AFAIK) being:


I use kiwix myself, but had expected the entry to contain information more similar to the above. Maybe just me though.

German Government Chooses Open Source For Its Federal Cloud Solution


April 2018. How did I not know this?

I'll cover travel expenses of anyone willing to come to vBSDcon 2019 and talk security as long as you can bring a 0-day for FreeBSD.

Please boost.

How capitalism survives.

(1) Divide the wealth we all produce so the richest 5% get half, the middle 25% get a third, and the 70% majority get a sixth.

(2) Repeat to the middle that socialism means the bottom wants to take what’s yours.

Prof. Richard D. Wolff

Here are some startup resources for worker cooperatives.

(USA focused, but some general ideas as well)

I just wanna put it out there that the word for “being polite on mastodon” should be fediquette

#announcement MetaArray IV will be implemented in TWO systems: MAIVa as NetBSD and MAIVb as Debian. Since 45% in the poll prefered #debian #linux we have decided to offer two independent MetaArrays which will be equally maintained. You can choose to use either, or both .. effectively doubling your storage capacity. The disks have been donated and are ready to install. Standby for a cut over event announcement from MetaArrray III. And BTW #happybirthday SDF.

Ptolemy and Homer (Simpson)

Another way of looking at fourier transforms. I never saw it done with circles before.

It's a bit like watching a retarded spirograph on acid ;-)

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