The first fully battery-electric bus line in Metro Vancouver will be up and running in 2022. Volvos mfctrd by Nova Bus in Quebec.
Radio One said they have a range of 400km and can charge in 5 min(!) at a bus loop. Pricey at a million cad a pop though. Supposed to save 100 tonnes of GHG and $40,000 in annual fuel. More than 90% of electricity in BC is hydro, the rest is a real mixed bag of wind, bio and fossil.

Mexico voted in its first leftist president in decades. 1 year later, Argentina returned progressive with the election of Fernández. Bolivians managed to turn back the U.S.-backed coup against Evo last year, electing Morales’ Luis Arce in October. Plus failed attempts by Trump to dislodge socialist governments in Venezuela and Nicaragua.
With Likely Victory of Andrés Arauz, Ecuador Will Join Latin America’s Anti-Imperialist Surge!!

Classic: Amit Shah held a meeting with Delhi police instead of with the farmers.

Poor Nations Left Reeling After Bill Gates Advised Oxford to Ditch Open Source COVID Vaccine
"Unable to secure a profit in immunizing poorer nations, Western multinationals, including Oxford’s private partner AstraZeneca, have prioritized those who can pay the most."

Geez Bill - I already hate your guts - quit trying so hard.

I love this dire warning that must be posted on all elevator lobbies in .br :-) At least in Sao Paulo.

Who will be the first to use the name Vaccina?

#OTD in Winter Olympics history (CW: offense to 🇸🇪 🇺🇸 🇨🇭 

Canada:"Wowee the 1st Winter Olympics! You bet we'll participate! All the sports, all the medals!"
Olympic Committee: "Didn't think Canada had that large a population for more than one sport"
Canada: "There's MORE than ONE SPORT?!!?"

"Google workers across the world are coming together to form a global union alliance. The newly formed coalition, called Alpha Global, is comprised of 13 different unions representing workers in 10 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, and Switzerland."

Some fucking good news, at last

Gelehrter: "Weniger Atomkriegsgefahr nach Trump-Rückzug"

Noam Chomsky gilt als einer der führenden Intellektuellen der USA. Der 92-Jährige hat nun eine Bilanz der Amtszeit von US-Präsident Donald Trump gezogen. Und die fällt verheerend aus.

Während in Großbritannien immer mehr Berichte über die Kosten des Brexits publik werden, verweigert Boris Johnson dem EU-Botschafter in London den Diplomatenstatus. Die Konfrontation belastet die Beziehungen.

:-) Ahh boris. He's so fun!

An Electric Beaver (NOT what it sounds like! :-) )

I'd take a flight. Beavers have a crazy long glide path. I liked
beavers; just noisy. Now they won't be! :-)

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