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One very bad thing about scientific papers being behind paywalls is that (competing) pseudoscience isn’t behind paywalls, so it’s easier to find misinformation online than to find facts.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez posted these on Instagram from her trip to Puerto Rico. It’s tragic that Puerto Rican’s have basically been abandoned by the US government but It sounds like there are so many #solarpunk things going on there, a lot to learn from definitely

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@alana Trusting a private corporations centralized proprietary messaging service to have integrity is like trusting McDonalds to serve you nutritious meals.

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There is already a more open source friendly alternative to thingiverse. It will be difficult for anyone to supplant thingiverse because it's so entrenched.

If you buy a used car, you might want to think about your exposure.

Sick people should get medical treatment not because it's 'fair', but because they are sick.

Hungry people should be fed, not because 'fair', but because they're hungry.

Homeless people -> housing, same deal.

So, yeah, forgive student loans. And fix the loan system; it's rapacious.

Fix broken stuff. Relieve suffering. Don't get hung up on fair while others are bleeding out.

Times #Discord has tried to track me in the past day: 500+

Times #Reddit has tried to track me in the past day: 1000+

Times #Google has tried to track me in the past day: 2000+

Times #Mastodon has tried to track me in the past day: 0

Times #Funkwhale has tried to track me in the past day: 0

Times #Matrix has tried to track me in the past day: 0

This is why we need to leave proprietary network services. They will *always* track you. #privacy #selfhosted


Average family income, Canada:
1975: 50k
2015: 70k

Average house price, Toronto:
1975: 60k
2015: ~700k

Average tuition costs, Canada:
1975: $550
2015: $6200

Remember these numbers next time you tell someone younger than you that it just comes down to hard work.

This is becoming too easy and predictable. Last week I said now watch ecuador become the next bitch.

US Southcom Chief Visits Ecuador to Talk 'Security Matters'

My goodness! People in germany are posting cherry blossoms. People in Japan. People in Scotland even!
I'm still scraping my windows in the morning! Sheesh! :-) plays into a lot of things @cosullivan
For example, many animals like corvids and dolphins et alia have a theory of mind.
So, about 25 years ago my best mate died leaving two teens and a wife who had zero idea how to run their business, so I drove up 1.5 hours to that town twice a week for months sorting things out for her.
To this very day I have been loyal to my marriage vows, but my wife assumed I was having an affair.
Because she was often disloyal and assumed..

These 1,400km hugs don't always work out well, but I'm trying really, really hard!

I know I'm not in the conversation, but... @cosullivan @hafnia One day a super good, long time friend said I didn't listen to women. She really hurt my feelings at the time and I felt quite badly.
Afterwards, I analysed my relationships with women.
With the exception of that one dear friend, we talked over top of each other. Every one of us.

We're talking at the same time - so what? It's not like we aren't paying attention. We're just happy to talk to each other.

NB, this just makes men angry.

These #BleedingHearts are being grown by my mom in her courtyard and they are just starting to flower. #florespondence

@gemlog @finfinity

Hey Finn, welcome 👋

Totally agree with your aims.

I've got a website where I try to list privacy-friendly alternatives that non-technical people can use:

(It's aimed at ordinary people, so some of the more complex alternatives aren't listed.)

Hi, I'm doing commissions for musical stuff such as mixing/mastering and music making, please reach me if you need my services, I have experience in chiptune and electronic music. Please consider retooting for visibility.

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