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I am really pleased with how well Mobian is working on the #pinephone.

Its not perfect but its good to go.

What is not quite good to go, its the surrounding apps. The camera is still a bit glitchy and needs work, but its happening fairly quickly and works good enough for most things.

Mobians firefox tweaks aren’t as good as pmOS’s tweaks, I wish they would just take pmOS’s tweaks. Or, even better, get a webbrowser that’s actually designed for a phone working. The one on mobian kinda works, but its slow painfully slow compared to firefox DESKTOP somehow.. ugh.

The navigation software is terrible and unstable. I need this, unfortunately.

There is just a lot of missing software — being fair, mobile phone (real) linux is brand new and its still in its infancy. There really just aren’t many coders actually making mobile apps yet.

Like, niceties such as fedi software aren’t there yet, not really. There was one but it was just a web thing — pointless.

Complaints aside, this is progressing much faster than I had anticipated.

For me, I need 1) Working navigation, 2) CCDA for pinephone :blobthumbsup:

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WOOHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The last batch of printed proof looks perfect! Finally, after one year of struggle... Quick blog post:

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OpenStreetMap news 

StreetComplete was selected to receive a grant! That's good. The app is straightforward to use and very handy at improving mapped areas without the user having mapping expertise. It's already been improving rapidly, presumably because the maintainer is under lockdown. I'm glad money was allocated for their work!

#OSM #OpenStreetMap #StreetComplete

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USPol random geopolitical musings 

Endless wars, shitty economy, "America First" policies and refusing to cooperate or even listening to its Allies.

A trail of death and destruction, bridges burned, etc.followed by this final nail in the coffin.

A massive Twitter / Facebook disinfo / propaganda campaign masterfully done by the best in the biz, with an assist by some of the smartest bots money can buy. With the enormous amplification of algos designed for clicks and outrage-mining.

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Wow. My local rag has something sensible in it! That's not usual.
OPINION: Facebook has taken one step too far
"Can Terrace quit its Facebook habit?
Like many rural communities in B.C., Terrace relies on Facebook as a default communication platform."

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Image quality improvements for the #pinephone rear camera. This is getting somewhere :)

Is a mac laptop A1150 - macbook pro core-duo any earthly good? They were first offered for sale in early 2006 apparently.
It was a gift to a friend and has been literally collecting dust for years in a closet.
Rather than charge it and learn 'mac things' to erase personal info from its previous owner, we have tentatively scheduled its execution.
Probably a .303, but a .45 pistol is also a possibility.

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"These 16,000 BBC Sound Effects are made available by the BBC in WAV format to download for use under the terms of the RemArc Licence. The Sound Effects are BBC copyright, but they may be used for personal, educational or research purposes, as detailed in the license.

For commercial use, you can license sound effects."

#BBC #Sound #SoundEffects

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How you deal with TLS certificates in the Gemini server I'm working on:

You don't.

It generates self-signed certificates on startup for all of the hosts it's configured for, and rotates them when they expire, with no manual intervention. Gemini clients TOFU (trust on first use) the certificates when they encounter them for the first time.

No cronjobs, no acme, no .well-known, it just werks.

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Maps: COVID-19 situation worldwide & EU/EEA and UK 

Source: European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control #ECDC Licence Open Governance Licence v3.0

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We don't talk enough about how the hypervigilant language that people use to defend the need for police is the same language that sells increasingly intrusive digital surveillance as a consumer product--the fear of an imagined threat when the overall likelihood of crime is low.

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Documentos filtrados exponen una operación masiva de propaganda en Siria emprendida por contratistas y medios de gobiernos occidentales [OTAN]

Entrenaron a líderes de la oposición Siria, plantaron historias en medios de comunicación desde la BBC hasta Al Jazeera, y dirigieron un grupo de periodistas. Cientos de documentos filtrados exponen la red de propaganda.

Por Ben Norton

Contratistas USA y Europeos capacitaron y asesoraron a líderes de la oposición siria, desde jóvenes activistas de medios de comunicación hasta los jefes del gobierno en el exilio paralelo. Estas firmas organizaron entrevistas para líderes de la oposición siria en los principales medios de comunicación como la BBC y el Canal 4 de UK.

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re: Job opportunity 

Let me be clear.

I WANT to hire someone from the fediverse for this.

It has no benefits, but gets your foot into infosec, and a solid paycheck for a while.

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Job opportunity 

I have an opening for a short term Security analyst to do GRC Assessments against NIST 800-53.

Contract is 100% remote, and through the end of the year.

This is a intermediate role who will be working with a lead analyst.

If you are interested, send an email to thegibson (at) blackfiresec (dot) com

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the app is notorious for falsely reporting cars being brought in for service as "being driven hard with harsh braking" (thus giving the young driver a poor score and potentially increasing their premiums) during services when this "driver behaviour" is part of the brake/acceleration testing that is carried out as part of the mandatory MOT (roadworthiness) test, or even reporting a car being driven when it has remained at the garage for days (especially if the location has poor LTE signal)

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