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It's 18:47 for me. I am caught up on email etc. but tired from my current physical job of work.
I need to cook - Have to cook, because I have things prepared and meat out... also a friend wants my computer help tonight!
I must fit it all in.
AND I have not finished the speech you gave me to read - but I will eventually!

@snowdusk_ @xiled
I have a pinay friend my age. She has four grown-up sons. Will I bring up his last joke to her? NO!!! ;-)
Esp. because son #2 gave me the name jo koy to watch.

How to fight back against Google AMP as a web user and a web developer

Arthur, one of my PeerTube favourites, just released a new video where he explains how to use picture in picture in Firefox.

For those of you that use VPN: "CVE-2019-14899 - Inferring and hijacking VPN-tunneled TCP connections." sounds like a load of fun:

<Here is a list of the operating systems we have tested which are
vulnerable to this attack:

Ubuntu 19.10 (systemd)
Fedora (systemd)
Debian 10.2 (systemd)
Arch 2019.05 (systemd)
Manjaro 18.1.1 (systemd)

Devuan (sysV init)
MX Linux 19 (Mepis+antiX)
Void Linux (runit)

Slackware 14.2 (rc.d)
Deepin (rc.d)
FreeBSD (rc.d)
OpenBSD (rc.d)

This list isn’t exhaustive>

Canada size vs India size! Who will win?
Well... canada, but India is pretty big! Our maps don't show size properly.

Goodness. [7-8:] is *so* relevant today everywhere!


(I'm reading this for other reasons actually, but...!)

Dang! There are some really nice people on the fediverse. Thanks for being great, everybody!

Interoperability Issue of Google Mail and G Suite (cnst)

I'm not linking the story and promoting goog in any way.
Just trying to drive yet another nail in their coffin among IT geeks.

We can now sequence the genomes of newborns quickly. Question now is, should we, and what should we do with the results?

#Genetics #GeneticScreening #Children #Society

blood, capitalist dystopia 

#PinePhone hype!
We finally managed to boot into #ManjaroARM #PlasmaMobile on the PinePhone.

Next we need to actually make it usable.

No one needs to starve. No one needs to freeze. No one needs to die. There is enough for everyone. More empty homes than all the people without them, more food than grocers can even sell. The labor and the materials to end scarcity exist now. It is not a far-off dream. We can end scarcity in this life.

Thinking of Grand Projects for 2020 and beyond there's one that comes to mind.

Things like GitHub really shouldn't exist. There ought to be a better way, in which there is no single company controlling all the source code.

There needs to be something like gogs or gitea, but federated. I should be able to make a pull request to another instance without needing to have a separate account there.

Maybe someone has figured this all out and I'm just not aware of it. Having Microsoft as an intermediary controlling access to the source code of a large fraction of Free Software projects isn't going to be a story with a happy ending.

A limited run of #PineTime dev kits is now available in the @thepine64
store. Each kit costs $24.99. Also, look how nice it goes with your #PinePhone! ;)

(Grundlegende Informationen)
TOR, Psiphon, Signal und Co: So bewege ich mich unerkannt im Internet

Diktaturen und Online-Dienste sammeln allerlei Daten über uns. Viele Nutzer haben gar keinen Zugang zum freien Netz. Hier ein paar Tipps, wie man sich sicher und anonym im Internet bewegen und Zensur umgehen kann.

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