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Ɠεɱɩoɠ in .de @gemlog@mastodonten.de

We are building a religion.


Well, back to standing on our heads in 12 hours or so...

Arriving at Fort Jackson for Basic Training

the psychology is brutal, quite amazing



Those projections, computer voice/vocoders, synths.. all brand new back then. Now it is all common place.


Mike Oldfield - Tubular bells

Not the version you're thinking of...

which is this one:

and definitely not this sampled one :-)

Wer das Museumsuferfest Frankfurt nächstes Wochenende besucht, ich bin da das ganze Wochenende auf Drachenbooten als Steuermann unterwegs.
Wenn die Schifffahrtssperre aufgehoben ist oder ich gerade ein Rennen Pause habe, bin ich am alten Kran beim Holbeinsteg.
Über einen Schwatz mit euch würde ich mich freuen.
Unter Vilbi kennt mich da Keiner, fragt besser nach Wolfgang, trage vermutlich wie alle Mitarbeiter ein blaues T-Shirt mit D.R.E.A.M.
#MUF2018 #Museumsuferfest #Frankfurt #Drachenboot

You know what's funny? I've had more support for my work here (financial and emotional) by acting like a person talking to other people than I ever had anywhere else trying "build a brand."

Perhaps because:

-you're all awesome?

-there is no algorithm holding my messages back until I pay to access my own followers?

-The atmosphere isn't so toxic that no one dares follow me because of legitimate safety concerns?


@vfrmedia you haven't originated anything for a bit. Things ok?

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Mir wurde ein Schächtelchen geschenkt:

"Right now I’m waiting to see what happens when Mastodon comes under attack from motivated and intelligent troublemakers. Offhand I can think of all kinds of ways the network could be disrupted. The more it grows the more interesting a target it becomes. No doubt developers and admins will push back but it’s going to be a big challenge in such a distributed environment. Time will tell I suppose."
I honestly hadn't thought about that!

From GNU social to Mastodon
Tinkering Down Under
from Tom VK7NTK


"New users have been coming to the fediverse in waves. There’s always been a background level of organic growth but most of the action happens when Twitter does something stupid. Twitter does stupid things on a fairly regular schedule so this constitutes the bulk of the growth. People search for Twitter alternatives and sign up. Many of them get bored and leave again. Some stay, and the process continues."

Since Mastodon seems to be settling in for the long haul I decided to write up some anecdotes of how things were before and after it arrived. Absolutely none of this matters to people who found Mastodon recently but I wanted to put them down for posterity. It's been an interesting ride. thomask.sdf.org/blog/2018/08/1

@Shufei you are a topic of conversation on com mode on sdf just now :-)
it's favourable, don't worry.

Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus

Believe it or not, it actually took some guts on my part to even listen to this a few years ago.

youtube.com/watch?v=aRWqhFGYFa (live barcelona)

youtube.com/watch?v=u1xrNaTO1b (studio)

@gemlog @cosullivan You mean the show? It wil be on in about 39 minutes! oops I better promote!!! 🔥