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Bombay Viking

Starting off tonight with this one, i think it has gone round once before... but it is eminently hummable and gets your feet tapping

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You are very funny! :-)
So you think you have a system for your children?

Ich weiß es am besten!
Meine Kinder werden lernen!
Ha ha! :-) no. Nein.

You are dreaming in colour if you think you have anything.

So. Bison was in the corner store today.
Next chili will be buffalo, bear and pork. (or deer).

You will be with me one day. Probably. K1.
Grandkids are wonderful! :-)

It must be nice to receive $150 million for a space plane and then just to decide to walk away with the money and no space plane in return. Good job, Boeing.

Wang Chung Dance Hall Days with lyrics

Oh. My. God.

I heard the lyrics really wrong all my laugh! Yes, I mis-wrote that on purpose.

I wish, but his grandchildren have a much better grandpa than my grandchildren.
What a pro!

I know it doesn't make any sense, but it happens that even though there is so much mandi/canto, devangari, in the world... it doesn't make the 'news' properly.
Everything is en,fr, de,pt, es, ru...
I know. I get it.
Here are my feeds, in an attempt to bridge some gaps

English: but I notice that these days I somtime smush words together like the germans do. I blame Anya and Wolfgang.

Or I move the 'normal' adjective
verb noun things about a bit.

Or I type the wrong word, if it is close to english.

We anglos really are lingo sluts! :-)

Now I see some mandy/canto and japanese jumping in too :-)

English mugs other languages in dark alleys and rifles through their pockets for loose grammar and spare vocabulary.

It's just what we do.

Some truths are simple.

We have many new friends from India in the past few weeks! Yay! - I was wondering where they were?! :-)

So, often Indians will use their own scripts and language. Of course. This is natural - we all do it.

For non-Indians, these two sites may be helpful for copy/paste translations.

When Indians type Romaji, go here:

When you see Devanagari (देवनागरी go here:!

Grandpa Amu creates a wooden arch bridge,no nails,very powerful craftsman

Comets actually have two tails. A dust tail pushed back by the pressure of the Sun's light (white in this image) and an ion tail pushed back by the particles of the solar wind (blue in this image).
(image:M. Fairbanks -CC attrib, share alike license)

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