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You've probably all seen pictures of this theatre, but let me add a few of my own. The theatre is really quite large, it can seat more than 12,000 people. This picture gives an idea of its setting.

@gemlog Yes, pretty sure the People's Armed Police are already here since the summer. They're the soft tanks.
> Lam said that as a chief executive, she would consider looking for other ways to respond to protesters' calls for an independent probe into claims of police brutality towards demonstrators.

[ . . . ]

> During an interview with TVB, Lam declined to say if a commission of inquiry was an option.

Clear as mud, as usual. Hoping the hurting will stop if you say something vague. Trying to appease the capital and the street, and succeeding at neither.…

#antiELAB #antimaskban #hongkong

Normal HK traffic is all police vans with full lights and sirens?
At 8:30 on a Monday night.

Lost my feed. Suddenly everything looks peaceful in Hong Kong.
Sure. I believe that.

Tear smoke warning. When will the orders change to 'charge'?


"Outside [Chungking Mansions], lawmaker Claudia Mo also held a placard that read: “Solidarity with ethnic minorities.” "

This is important, and a sad part of this.

- Some people can't see the difference between China and mainland Chinese, as we have seen with the banker the other week.
- There are mainland people joining or wanting to join the protests, but if they don't speak Canto, they risk being singled out as infiltrators.
- I heard rumors specifying that a certain ethnicity, lower on the colonial racist scale, had been looting a store after protesters broke a window.
- I talked to one member of a minority who has been here longer than the British, and they're afraid to speak their language if protesters are nearby.

I am not Xi, obviously. If I was... Now I have shown patience and need to restore order. Tanks are bad optics from history. Just army. Reiniforced HK police.

Cute. Do you also warn ppl that CBC, BBC, ABC, DW is likewise funded by their respective governments? I haven't seen it.

The response to her childhood story wasn’t completely negative, however. If Clinton is still interested in going into space, that could certainly be arranged – on condition that she stays there, a generous ... user suggested.

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