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Ɠεɱɩoɠ in .de @gemlog@mastodonten.de

I've clearly been a problem. Sorry. I will just block and not bother you any more.

@Canageek @DialMforMara

@kim what is the correct word(s) for música pegajosa? That seems wrong. A song that gets stuck in your head.

Música pegajosa...

You know how you get songs stuck in your head?

This one is so good. I keep coming back to it and then it is stuck in my head for days again! And nights even -- I wake up with it.

Los Corrientes - Por Accidente | Sofar Guayaquil

Dicen que cuando caminas eres una bomba.

Boom! :-)

Mastodon.cloud restarted yesterday with new admins and new server.

The server is administered in Japan and has a new Code of Conduct.

I ask for the news of mastodon.cloud's return to the fediverse be boosted and shared as widely as possible; its many users dispersed to other places.

Thank you for boosting!

You have probably heard about PeerTube – the alternative to YouTube that's open source, decentralized and federated. If not, here's a short video that explains what it is and how it works.


#PeerTube #YouTube

an olive garden commercial written by a bot that watched 1000 hours of olive garden commercials

Hey - do you remember that time you, yuko and your mom and me went up to the top of trapper mountain?

And we hiked around that lake up there. Then we had a fresh loaf of french, a nice brie and some kind of red wine you made?

"Yeah, I remember. She was young then. Just in her seventies."

Well. My *very* old friend of some 30+ years just fell and broke her hip and is now in the hospital.
She's due to turn 100 on June 28th.
We were planning kind of a party.

Wer du auch seist: Am abend tritt hinaus
aus deiner Stube, drin du alles weißt;
als letztes vor der Ferne liegt dein Haus:
Wer du auch seist.

- Rilke

Whoever you are, go out into the evening,
leaving your room, of which you know each bit;
your house is the last before the infinite,
whoever you are.

in case u didnt know about polish chickens

So if you're in rural Africa you might be able to get free whatever from a Facebook satellite, but there will be a lot of latency so things like VoIP or gaming might not work very well. Facebook will also no doubt impose all sorts of restrictions and make use of its system compulsory via lock-in methods (log into the internet with Facebook! Pay your ISP bill via Facebook!).

Mesh will be higher cost, but if you want more bandwidth and less latency, and also less lock-in then it will have an advantage. The user experience of mesh could be significantly better than Facebook satellite.

«In 1993, John Gilmore famously said that "The Internet interprets censorship as damage and routes around it." That was technically true when he said it but only because the routing structure of the Internet was so distributed. As centralization increases, the Internet loses that robustness, and censorship by governments and companies becomes easier.»

How to Make Dry Ice with Daisy & Poppy

These two are adorable.


[security fix] GnuPG 2.2.8 released

The short version, given in CVE-2018-12020, is that mainproc.c mishandles the filename, and as a result, an attacker can spoof the output it sends to other programs.

“For example, the OpenPGP data might represent an original filename that contains line feed characters in conjunction with GOODSIG or VALIDSIG status codes”, the Mitre advisory states.


@baldur Years ago David Crossland tried to make this argument to me, that the FSF's decision to shift away from funding free software directly was its biggest mistake, and I disagreed with him. Now I strongly agree. I think it's no coincidence that the most interesting GNU stuff happened during that time, and that the decline of copyleft also started after too. We don't have a general R&D lab focused on user freedom. We should have one, tho maybe the FSF isn't the right fit, not sure what is

@bob This is the best I could do in the time I alloted myself :)


I'm sure it's full of (factual, grammatical) errors but that's not really the point. If I can find some time later I'll go-back and clean things up :)