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I've an installation for a notebook with UEFI. This device is broken now. An old notebook can be used with Ubuntu but has no (only old school BIOS). Booting up ends in an endless blinking cursor. Is there any way to start my system on the old notebook without changing it too much? After repairing the newer notebook, I will use it with my Ubuntu installation again.


I would suggest using an USB Key with Ubuntu to boot the System and Mount your drive and use your dara that way.

What you are planing can be done, but is Not trivial or worth the hassle in my oppinion.

What might work though is using an USB Key with SuperGrub to Boot from your old disk without having to modify your Installation. The USB Stick can be removed after booting. The System itself should run fine as well.

Thanks for the SuperGrub hint. It sounds very interesting.

Super Grub2 works fantastic 👍
Thanks, again

Have you tried to connect the HDD/SSD via USB to the notebook and boot it from there?

This could work. Thanks. At the moment, I have no SATA-USB adapter at home. I will try it, if I can get this device.

The USB adapter is working like an assembled disk. Nothing is changed, but using Super Grub2 works fine.

@funqr when you boot from an USB-stick you should be able to access things from the live-system.

Google for it, there are several how-tos. Good luck :)

Thanks for your answer. Getting the data out of my system partition won't be the problem. I want to use the whole system from my disk without having an EFI.

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