Good Choice. Welcher Windowmanager, Mate oder Xfce?
Es gibt 4 Versionen von Mint, jeweils mit einem anderen Window Manager.

@utzer ahhh, ok. aber das weiß ich echt nicht, wir habens so installiert, wie's kam

Gut, kein Problem. Wenn du Hilfe brauchst dann musst du einfach mit #Linux taggen, ist hier sehr easy Hilfe zu bekommen.

@utzer Vielen Dank. Das schlimmste ist vorbei denke ich, jetzt muss ich mich nur dran gewöhnen, woanders zu klicken als bei Ubuntu :-)

@neomorph I have to get used to it, at the moment I miss Ubuntu a little, but I love that I can actually print and watch films again :-)

@einebienezwo the difference is not that big between Ubuntu and Mint, you just have to pick the right Window Manager. 😉

@utzer I'm not touching it again :-) I'll just get used to it, and yeah, I used Unity

@einebienezwo no problem, I did not want to annoy you, I just wanted to explain this so maybe in the future it can help. 😉
Two weeks ago I learned that is called mansplaining when you explain something like that to a woman. So I want to be a bit more careful and maybe less annoying with being "helpful".

@utzer I didn't take it like that. It's just that I hate fiddling with technical stuff and I am not very interested, if something works, I'll take it. Everything's fine :-) But thanks for keeping mansplaining in mind, I think it's important. :-)

Good, so enjoy your new setup.

Funfact I switched my grandmothers 7 year old laptop to Linux Mint before Christmas, so far it seems to work and she does not complain. I need to check from time to time if she is just not complaining or if it really works well. She had Windows 10 before which was very slow and not performing well on the old hardware. Also I think Mint with Xfce is pretty neat and easy to used for beginners or those that do not care about the OS underneath.
* Unless you used Ubuntu with Unity, I think that is pretty unique.

@einebienezwo cool! it used it a lot some years ago and liked it quite a bit. on the + side everything is green instead of ubuntu-brown :P

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