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@cccupdatesbot anyone here who'se been to #congress with kids and could share some of their experiences with me?
I'd like to come to #36C3 but would be accompanied by my 5 year old.

@cccupdatesbot I'm also considering proposing a talk (Vehicle hacking / Analyzing proprietary CAN-Bus protocols). Need to check with work beforehand, because the amount of stuff I can talk about without touching company internals is very limited.

Would need another person taking care of my kid during that time. Is there some child care infrastructure at the congress for situations like this?

@dwagenk @cccupdatesbot They love it and it's great but then you'll of course miss the evenings and most talks. It's easier when more than one adult share looking after the kid(s).

@anneroth @cccupdatesbot thanks! Our interests differ too much, so if the whole family would come, my partner would mostly be there to look after the children. And being on tour with all 3 of them (ranging from 6 months to 5 years in age) is always quite exhausting, so I guess I wouldn't really gain anything in terms of being able to attend many talks.

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