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Balu @balu

Greenpeace (Switzerland) just joined mastodon!

Attracting large organizations is important for the fediverse. So make them feel home here ๐Ÿ˜‰!

Boost this post and follow @greenpeace_ch !

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>Attracting large organizations is important for the fediverse

this as a general statement I disagree with. I believe it matters more what they do rather then how big they are. And if they are behaving harmfull to society also don't want to have them here.
Happily this isn't the case with

@paulfree14 Are you concerned about entities joining the fediverse?

Dictators tooting? Nestle washing our brains with their conquered water? Microsoft running mastodon instances? Facebook supporting ActivityPub? What is the worst that could happen? How do we ensure of the systems we build?

@balu @paulfree14
I cant speak for paulfree, but I am not comfortable with an organization that launched anti-GMO campaigns that have attempted to halt food relief programs involving GM food. It also supports organic farming, which is not pesticide free, but demands more land, and as a result, more deforestation to meet the needs of corporations.

@balu my client gets a fatal error trying to connect to follow, i think you missed some info in the @

@xxbc Hmm... Try to follow remotely here:

What client do you use? Are you blocking cookies?

@balu using Amaroq on iOS, no cookies blocked to my knowledge

@xxbc Maybe Amaroq just doesn't handle remote following properly. How about logging in with your browser just to click on 'follow'?

@balu yep it worked. what a pity, that's the only good iOS app - thanks again for the help!

@xxbc Maybe you could give the developers a hint ๐Ÿ˜‰

@balu cheers for the full address tho!