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When I toot about privacy/environment issues it's not because I enjoy writing about this. I hate it. I wish it would not be necessary.

We live in a world where so many things develop into the 'wrong' direction. (Where 'wrong' means: violating human rights, destroying our planet...)

So why do I spam you with this? Because I think spreading the awareness is the most efficient remedy. I'm lazy. I dream of a world without problems that force me to move my ass. Our world does.

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Hong Kong revolutionaries cutting down a facial recognition tower in a dank display of praxis ✊

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This is Sao Paulo today, 4PM. The cloud from the burning of Amazon rainforest in Rondonia, covered the city. Sao Paulo is 3300km (2052 miles) distant from Boa Vista. Athens is closer to London than Sao Paulo is to Boa Vista. Just to give you an idea of the damage.

When launching I also noticed that it also initiates connections to OCSP servers. allows to check if a TLS certificate has been revoked. For the cases where a certificate with a long lifetime is compromised this might be useful but it also leaks to a third party what sites you are browsing.

security.OCSP.enabled = 0

By default Firefox opens a connection to at startup. There also seems to be a unique identifier for your Browser instance. I don't know what happens with it and therefore I don't like it and prefer to disable the feature:

dom.push.enabled = false

This possibly breaks push notifications though. Do they really all get routed through Mozilla's servers?

Disable safebrowsing because otherwise Firefox will load lists of 'bad' sites on startup.

browser.safebrowsing.malware.enabled = false
browser.safebrowsing.phishing.enabled = false

Disable captive portal detection by deleting the URL via about:config (type about:config in the URL field and use the search function to find this property)

captivedetect.canonicalURL = ''

I noticed that Firefox opens a lot of network connections when it is launched. Even if my homepage is set to 'blank'.

Tried to make silent. And will outline in the next posts what I did.
It's not yet perfect, though.

Did you ever try to make silent?

Such that it does not initiate a single network connection when you launch it?

Fediverse, what do you think about and Facebook's efforts to rule the world?

Micro$oft Edge (mobile) now integrates to warn users from "fake news" sites such as WikiLeaks.
NewsGuard tries to centralize the rating of news. This is highly questionable indeed. Just look at its advisory board: former CIA and boss (General Michael Hayden), former homeland-security minister (Tom Ridge, under George W. Bush), former NATO general secretary...
(source: Heise C't Nr. 14 2019)

Of course it gives a bad rating to WikiLeaks and favours FoxNews.

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Two senators are introducing a patent bill that would allow patents on abstract ideas and laws of nature. Congress needs to say no.

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Geheim, geheim, geheim! Gerade wenn es um massive Grundrechtseingriffe geht - was beim #Bundestrojaner der Fall ist - sollten sich Ministerinnen und Minister rechtfertigen. Nicht wir müssen uns rechtfertigen, warum wir Antworten wollen.

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A DIY Microhydro Plant - - someone spent a lot of time to build his own hydro power plant and documented the whole process. (check out his other projects, amazing!)

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"Wer ein Visum für die USA benötigt, muss nun offenbar verpflichtend Benutzernamen in den sozialen Medien, E-Mail-Adressen und Telefonnummern angeben."

Ein Land schafft sich selbst ab. Dort will ich gerade wirklich nicht hin.

Spectre & Meltdown können anscheinend nicht vollständig per Software gepatcht werden:

Was bleibt da noch? Auf bessere CPUs warten, in denen Intel alle solche Schwachstellen eliminiert hat? Also nix...

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Facebook buys its own critics to "help right the ship". An elegant way to make them silent.

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I guess it's time to update your Android device. Ahem... I meant it's time to pray your manufacturer of choice decides to provide an update for you.

"...that could allow a remote attacker using a specially crafted PNG file to execute arbitrary code..."

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