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As it turns out, I haven't gotten around to posting an yet, so here goes!

Hi! I'm Accio Books! (accio for short). I enjoy , (surprise!), and . I hope you are having a wonderful day!

I don't really know what else to put in here 😅

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In which translates a Linus Torvalds LKML rant from Asshole to Nice Person. Worth reading even if you know nothing about programming.

#foss #floss #opensource #DontBeAJerkToTheLKMLWhenDrinkingYourJuiceInTheHood

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tired: I googled it
wired: I DuckDuckWent for it

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Criticism is welcome, but remember to give constructive criticism, which includes consideration of how your criticism will affect the other person emotionally. The golden rule applies: how would you feel if you read the message was directed at you? It's hard for someone to constructively make use of criticism if receiving it is an emotional drain.

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Pinafore dev Show more

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PSA: don't forget, your instance moderators need you to help by reporting anything that you think might violate the rules!

Reporting something doesn't automatically penalize anyone, so *you* don't need to worry about whether something is really actionable.

That's *our* job as moderators! All *you* need to do is help make sure we don't miss things by reporting them.

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Shop, where are you buying DRM-free e-books? I'd like to purchase Stephenson's "The System of the World", but it's defected on Amazon and Cobo, and without any specifications on B&n and Any suggestions?

#books #drm #ebook

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datacenters do not imbue computers with special powers. if you own a desktop less than a decade old, congrats! you already own a server more than capable of hosting any and/or all of these:

- #gogs
- #nextcloud
- #pleroma
- #rocketchat
- #discourse
- #prestashop
- #funkwhale
- #hugo
- #radicale
- #standardnotes
- #prosody
- #wallabag
- #wordpress
- #etherpad
- #dokuwiki
- #ttrss
- #kanboard
- #pixelfed
- #loomio
- #pihole
- #taiga
- #kodi
- #searx
- #homeassistant
- #znc

(for free, forever)

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"There's a unicorn among our sheep," the shepherd reported to her father upon returning to the farmhouse.

"What's it doing there?" he asked, puzzled.

"I asked, it didn't answer."

"And I wouldn't press," warned her grandmother. Everyone agreed.

The next dawn, as the shepherd lead the flock out, she noted there were now two unicorns - one considerably smaller than the other.

For generations after, the wool from that farm was exceptional.

#tootfic #microfiction #fantasy #writing #terylstales

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Upcoming version of Mastodon (2.4.1) will have a delete & redraft function.

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pfft. call me when apple makes a REAL cell phone. they still have a lot to learn from these greats

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more phones apple needs to take design hints from:

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There's a Richard Stallman message for every occasion.

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Aha.... So the magic behind #Mastodons #federation is #ActivityPub... Now what I can't get my head around is this: What exactly is it?

Like, is it a standard? An idea? Or a library of some sort? To me it looks like something you implement yourself within your own code and make it work that way.

Perhaps I'm wrong, I dunno. Just ifnd it weird that theres no libraries out there!

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TIL There are panda ants. They’re ants that look like pandas Show more