@Tutanota Hey guys, quick feedback for calendar (only tested on Android) : I got a reminder for my appointment 😁👍
Improvement suggestions:
- Select time via an pop up of a clock (analog or digital would be both fine for me)
- Snooze function for the notification

@Nitrokey Hi, couldn't find anything on the FAQ... Do I need super user privileges in order to mount the encrypted part auf the nitrokey storage (Linux / windows)?

@minkorrekt Ah,hallo Minkorrekt, cool euch jetzt hier zu haben 😀.

@Tutanota Nach meinem Update heute von f-droid habe ich ein "Tutanota wird ausgeführt" im Statusmenü, warum ist das plötzlich nötig? (keine gapps installiert)

Oh wow, totally failed today to make my server to talk with the federation 😢

@cccffm Weiß jemand, wann die Tickets für das Camp dieses Jahr so ungefähr in Verkauf gehen? @cccs

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Wir sollten aufhören, sie "Impfgegner" zu nennen. Es sind Seuchenbefürworter.

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This goes out to all my former teachers who told me: "you won't have a calculator with you all the time". funny how that went, huh?

So I'm trying after with @Tutanota deal. It doesn't support deduplication as spideroak does. Maybe I stay with the little spider...

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The Linux Journal posted an interesting article about our recent @fdroidorg release and the challenges we had to overcome to make this happen. #FOSS #opensource #FDroid #Tutanota Read it here: linuxjournal.com/content/foss-

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When you're browsing on Firefox and you accident open in a new window instead of a new tab.

Quote of the Day at work: "OMG, I live in a Dilbert Comic"

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