There's this German movie called Das kleine Arschloch (The little asshole) and my father has an appropriate penholder...

CW bad taste, naked person, rude imagery, nightmare fuel

So subtle that the world thinks we don't have humor at all which is clearly false.

@julia we can't tell them. We can't! @Virelai

On a related note: Don't you hate it, if someone answers "LOL you're funny." to something funny you said?!?
-- I *know* I'm funny. --
For german standards that is.


I don't hate it because people don't say that to me. I'm not funny. 😂

@julia What?! I think you're one of the funniest persons I know. In a smart way that is. @Virelai

@Julia_Schmeer It rarely comes up. When do you ever tell someone they're funny? :D

@sandzwerg @Julia_Schmeer @Virelai ... that rarely happens so I understand why no one ever tells me :D

@sandzwerg @julia @Julia_Schmeer that's the most likely situation but most of the times I will just laugh ;)

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