One thing that irritates me in english is the use of the word "hat". In german "Hut" 👒 is something completely different than "Mütze"🎅 or "Kappe"👮.

In english it's always "hat"... and I keep thinking about a top hat 🎩.

(But to be fair: I am very emotional about the handknitted "Mützen" I get from my grandma.)


I also thought "Pizza Hut" translates to "pizza hat" ... so may be I'm not the best person to give ... 🍕 👒 ...

@chotemysl ... how do I get that picture out of my head now, someone wearing Jabba on their head ...
🤨 @Julia_Schmeer

@Julia_Schmeer The other day I was trying to remember the difference between "Tur" and "Tor" because Tor sounds more like Door. (But it's "gate", right?) I feel like there's a lot of nuance I missed while trying to memorize vocabulary.

For the record though, as a native English speaker I have often thought "Pizza Hat" since I started learning German. (The logo even kind of looks like a hat!)

@drewzero1 yes!! Thanks! It does look like a hat!

Tür = door (Umlaute matter 😉)
Tor = gate (or oldfashioned for dumb person)
Tour (pronounced "Tur" in german) = tour
Tier = animal (funfact in old german it meant "deer")
Teer = tar 😊

@Julia_Schmeer Whoops! Forgot that one. I'm still kind of waking up, but I love me some #GermanLanguageLessons at any hour. 😊

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