They try to censor about Dr. Li Wenliang in China, but let me tell you cloud and clear: Li Wenliang will never be forgotten. No one can erase history. His tragedy rings an alarm and his bravery shows everyone of us the value of freedom of speech. It’s worth fighting for.

“A healthy society shouldn’t only have one voice.” — Dr. Li Wenliang in an interview on February 1, 2020.

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I’m not a virus, I’m also a victim of this disaster. All the dirty racial slurs and banning Chinese nationals... I feel abandoned by this cold and ugly world.

My anticlimactic way of celebrating the upcoming 2020 — let me make a toast to y’all with my warm and delightful taro bubble tea, and wish everyone a spectacular year ahead ✨

Still can’t get over how I mistakenly bought movie tickets for Frozen 2 when I thought I was gonna watch Knives Out, 🤦‍♀️and the fact I didn’t realise this until the movie started and Elsa appeared... 😂 But in all fairness, Elsa has such pretty outfits...

Gotta say I was somewhat attempted to buy this.. 😬
Translation: Storm and Cloud (turbulent situation/conflicts) Between Major countries

So I’m still obsessive about if the door has been shut properly when I left home in a hurry 5 minutes ago. It is going to haunt me for the rest of the day, apparently.

TIL: German people knock on wood instead of clapping, when there is anything to knock on nearby, that is.

The moment when you chill on your sofa and more work comes!...

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