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- FEZ -

This was released 2013 but I only played it last year. It is still well worth playing now if you haven't done so already.

On one hand it's a clever platform game where you rotate the world to progress on the 2D projection of it.

On the other hand it's a really brilliant puzzle game. With a ton of hidden things to discover.

It contains three(!) different writing systems you can learn to decipher to solve more of the hidden puzzles in the game.


This is mostly walking around the world, discovering the story of a lost civilization. The catch here is that you will play as many different animals along the way. Your main character is a wolf, but you'll be a mole, a duck, a fish and many others.

Discovering every new animal was super fun. And discovering some tunnel system as a mole or a huge lake as a fish is definitely something unique.

I think it took me around 8 hours to complete the story once.

Something different for a change:

Democracy 3 - It's not really a politics simulator but a country simulator. Which means you can (mostly) do all the things that are good (or bad) for the country and it'll slowly react to the policies you put into place.

It's quite an intricate simulation and I spent more than a few nights on this and the predecessor.

What actually surprised me the most here is that this game has one of the best voice acting and believable characters I've ever encountered in a video game.

I had to think of while playing this. It's never mentioned but the main character would fit the role of dunes planetologists[1] very well.


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Waking Mars - Where you plant *things* on Mars to restart a dormant ecosystem.

This game looks a bit shit and sounds a weird as well... But I was very pleasantly surprised by it though. (I had this in my library for a long time but just recently felt like starting it.)

It starts of very tame having you plant a thing or two to advance to the next room but before you know it you'll be struggling to manage some rather huge ecosystems.

Firewatch - You play
someone spending their summer in the Wyoming wilderness watching for wildfires. It's beautiful and has a very interesting story which is told in an unusual way (environmental storytelling and something else I don't want to spoil here).

Have I mentioned it looks stunning? :)

Played for about 11 hours for a full playthrough.

Renowned Explorers - Where you command a band of ~~thiefs~~ ehm, explorers, on expeditions around the world.

This is from 2015 but I've played it on and off and still occasionally get the urge to start it again.

There's a great deal of risk-reward management and push-your-luck mechanics. You'll just want to explore these two more tiles and then everything goes horribly wrong/

The tactical combat is sometimes a bit frustrating but the rest of the game makes up for it.

Playing "Untitled Goose Game" as co-op was a lot of fun!

You play as a (or two in coop) horrible goose and your mission is to make the life of all humans as miserable as possible.

You should probably watch the trailer, even if you have no intention of playing it :-).

It's a short game, maybe 6 hours, with some optional objectives which we didn't complete.
The 6 hours were a pretty good length for this type of game really.

(Not on gog)

I probably played around 30 hours of this, but there isn't really any upper limit. There are certainly people with hundreds of hours logged on steam.

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Next up:

Slay the Spire - A deckbuilding rougelike card game.

It's a very well made deckbuilding game, I get drawn in by those a lot. You'll be fighting CRPG like battles with your cards while climbing the spire. Then you'll die and you'll do it again... and again... and again. The skill ceiling is quite high and I haven't even made it to 25% completion I think (though I still saw > 80% of the content probably, it just gets harder).

I often play games a long time after their initial release and I'll also be posting about games I played further in the past, so expect no order at all here. I'll just be posting what currently comes to my mind and I think worth sharing.

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Return of the Obra Dinn was, except the voice acting, made in it's entirety by Lucas Pope over the course of (I think) 4 years.

(Which is hugely impressive both from the nature of this work as well as the resulting final game!)

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It should take about 10-12 hours to complete the game. Be warned that it is *really* addictive because you'll want to know the end of the story.

It also has IMHO one of the best soundtracks ever.

I'll add some screenshots here, with the caveat noted above.

(This one I know for a fact that it works through wine.)

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Let's start with my absolutely favorite game from last year:

Return of the Obra Dinn

Screenshots don't really do the game justice (it looks way better in motion and the aesthetics fit the game quite well). And who'd have thought it would be fun playing an insurance investigator 🙃.

You are trying to figure out what the hell happened to 60 crew members through a whole lot of flashbacks through the story of the Obra Dinn. There'll be a lot of surprises along the way.

Some preliminary notes: The games I'll toot about here will mostly not be free software. I probably played them on an old Windows PC, so they're not guaranteed to run on Linux though chances are good they'll work through Proton/Wine if they don't have a native version. And I mostly try to buy games through when available there as they are sold without DRM. Arguably Steam cares more about supporting Linux though, so take your pick.

I occasionally get asked "What games do you play/enjoy?" and I never know what to reply in those moments. I also often play games not many people may have heard of. So I thought I'll try to document the games I enjoy here. Maybe some people will find some inspiration here as well 🙂.

I'll need a better avatar, but this'll do for now! 🎉

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