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trafficking, uspol 

Imagine being so obsessed with your unborn child’s genitalia you break down and cry if they have the set you don’t want 🙄

finished this last night. Cixin Liu is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. sobbed like a bitch during the whole sequence at the mirror after the macro nuclei detonation


Kitt Peak Shot with iPhone XS Max through a 8x56 monocular (fully multi-coated BAK-4 prism)

ok someone who knows graphics hardware explain this to me i guess nvidia drivers havent had "integer scaling" for like, spritework kind of stuff until like, today? but then it only works on RTX cards?

isnt integer scaling like, ok so you have one pixel, make it 9 in a 3x3 block? why the fuck do you need an rtx card for that? :psyduck:

Boy I sure can't wait to go chill in this house I just bought with my wife, an American woman

im beginning to think that doing all of that murder while poirot happened to be visiting my village was a bad idea

If Poirot suspected that i did a murder, i would simply kill Poirot too.

Asking for money :boost_ok:​ 

The Ion Fury devs apologized for their shitty comments and the anti-SJW dummies who were like "I'll buy the game just to trigger the libs" before are really mad about it, which amuses me greatly.

ok i'm very curious now,

are there kitchen scales in the kitchen you use, and do you use that when cooking?

im a cryptocapitalist. people shouldnt be allowed to know what they're buying before they buy it.

can anyone suggest something like everytimezone but that doesn't fall over itself on mobile. Being able to compare several timezones at once and at a glance is important

i wanna go to an alternate timeline where smartmedia won the digital flash storage war

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