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Calling a video game "Eurojank" is the nicest possible way to insult it. I will not elaborate on this.

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@JohnBrownJr A conservative working class friend once said “never got a job from a poor man.” And I wanted to explode. A lot of people don’t think they’ll get rich, they just think rich people are more deserving than they are. It’s horrible.

harbour seals are called "sea dogs" in german and imo that's objectively the better name

Wikipedia: Haskell appeared in 1990,
Me: oh, so 10 years ago
Wikipedia: 30 years ago

Several Posters Arrested In Horny On Main Scandal

Airbnb pleading over covid-19 

Here's a few Soul Jazz comps

Venezuela 70 : Cosmic Visions Of A Latin American Earth

Soul of a Nation: Afro-Centric Visions in the Age of Black Power

Soul of a Nation 2: Jazz is the Teacher, Funk is the Preacher: Afro-Centric Jazz, Street Funk and the Roots of Rap in the Black Power Era 1969-75

Sounds Of The Universe Art + Sound

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I uploaded all 4 Bette Midler laserdisc rips at if you want them

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I have had this towel for several years, and only just now discovered that it has one of those little plastic |---| shaped tags still in it.

Naturally, I have stopped midway through an article to contemplate this.


I'm watching MoMA's channel on Youtube. Shows some art restoration stuff. It's fascinating to see all the work that goes into museum display

and we're live! nerds assemble ⚡

let's open with a discussion, as people join in the stream. we'll do a recap and then get down to the business of genderqueer silkpunk fantasy 🌊

#redaloud :boost_ok:

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Seeing everything that we considered normal losing its facade and revealed to be broken fills me with dread and hope in equal measures.

I know everyone out there is havin a weird time financially, but uh. I do not have a job, and it's looking like I will continue to not have a job for the foreseeable future.

so here's a few things you can commission me for!

- cover any song, in multiple parts on guitar + vox
- *write* and record a song, in the same style
- DM a d&d game for you, 1-on-1 (a very underrated way to play imo) or with a party.
- nudes / solo porn! (check out my lewd alt for a preview :blobuwu: )

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