TIL that Communism started when a Twitter account got banned.

@Banquo I never knew Twitter deleted the account of the tsar in 1917.

@Banquo The best bit of the Communist Manifesto was when Marx and Engels declare that the first thing they need to do is ban the president of the United States from Twitter

@Banquo Don't you know 1917, when the Twitter account of the tsar of Russia got banned and then with a bang the Soviet Union happened?

@Banquo Don't you know that the russian revolution started when the Tsar got his account suspended?

@Banquo why switch to a decentralised service while you can complain about random political stuff?

mostly tongue in cheek 

@Banquo if they keep doing this then literally everything will be communism

and those of us in the centre will have no choice but to be communists

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