@Banquo I wish Canada had the spine to cause this sort of threat.

@Banquo Yes, please, I'll show you the door, Facebook.

@Banquo you’d be scared if you realized how many hospitals would entirely stop working if Facebook/WhatsApp just stopped working.

Literally people would probably die from this. We’re fucked.

@randomthoughts @Banquo oh no, where else could hospital staff get a tool to send text and images to each other over the internet? Tis hopeless, I say

@marcus_harrison @Banquo exactly. Most doctors don’t know that, that’s why they are using Facebook in the first place.

@randomthoughts @Banquo there's a million billion services that do that and you're saying doctors couldn't find a single one? Do you also think they don't, like, talk to people ever?

@marcus_harrison @Banquo well, I talk to a few doctors regularly and most of them are not even able to tell you what an app is. These people rely on Facebook to manage critical infrastructure.

I don’t want to say that’s a good thing, or that there are no alternatives; I am saying that medical personnel often don’t even understand the problems this has, and are therefore very resistant to change the current situation.

@randomthoughts @Banquo we're talking about capabilities that exist in E-mail. Are you telling me they've never heard of E-mail?

This isn't a complex problem.

@marcus_harrison @Banquo I’m telling you that even though they have all heard of email and all doctors have work email addresses, but if they actually were depending on using those, the whole medical system would collapse.

Believe me, you have no idea how far from replacing the big 5 American companies we are in the medical sector all over Europe. It’s shocking.

@randomthoughts @Banquo I'm choosing not to believe you for the sake of my health and wellbeing.

@Banquo This is the best possible thing that could happen

As someone who researched the topic of social networks quite a lot, I remember there were local ones in some European countries. Like StudiVZ in Germany or Tuenti in Spain. I wonder if these still exist.

@Banquo We should do this in Canada too. Let's see if we can box it in with the dying empire

Facebook threatens us Euros with a good time.
Why threatens? I will sing and dance 😂!!!

Go away! Go away and never come back!
*throws rotten tomatoes*


Zuck and Co were the subject of todays' Behind The Bastards and wow I had no idea how evil they had become

@Banquo let's fucking goooo. Im from the Fascist States of a Chunk of the America's, and i fucking hope Facebook gets smacked by regulators.

@Banquo - They shoot themselves in the foot if they do that.
But I support their shutdown universally 😀

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