fuck Italians for making everyone believe that ravioli and tortellini are somehow distinct concepts. worst prank they played on the world

Lazy Sunday news: the cat loves ambient and drone music.

#np The Black Dog - The Conspiracy Tapes Live

people who claim it's polite to extend your pinkie finger are just tea-posing to assert dominance

My cousin is trying to get the (despicable) name of this road in oregon changed. I know that change.org petitions can feel a little silly and ineffectual, but he and I would really appreciate your contribution if you have the time.


huh. i didn't think i could hate our society any more than i do but here we are


what kind of person hears "unemployment pays more than working" and thinks "we need to lower unemployment pay" instead of "we need to increase wages"

I love all of you, but trying to learn about communism online is like trying to drink from six very competitive firehoses

Baby Model Evan 

as i promised @vestal i have dug up my successful gigs from when i was a baby model in miami. also check the image descriptions

romhacks make me happy in a way i cant fully describe. just people being creative, in spite of intellectual property copyright bullshit, in spite of the fact they will never make money. a testament to the creative spirit

another Toto - Africa fun fact 

when Toto recorded Africa they didn't really need or want another song for their record. they only wrote that song to try out their new synthesiser (it's that brassy doot-doot-doodoodoo-doot you hear repeated throughout the song). originally they wanted to go for a more woodwindy sound and I struggle to imagine what the song would have sounded like if they had done that

Man I read that Eurogamer interview with Neil Druckmann that was referenced in a toot I boosted earlier and I badly want to stuff that guy into a locker.

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Back in 1990, Japan adapted the 1988 cartoon series "Garfield and Friends", but renamed the show to "ラザニャンのパーティー" or "Lasagnyan's Party", Lasagnyan being a combination of Lasagna and Nyan, and a regional nickname for Garfield.

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reply guy knuckle tats 

@Taweret person sees dude’s left fist read “ally”

person: oh you’re an ally?

dude, bringing his right fist over: “well…”

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