Selfie, EC 

*To the tune of 'I Walk the Line'*
I'm too online

One thing that Deus Ex teaches you, is that no, most of the time, governments do not DO stuff like 9\11 themselves, but they sure are eager AS FUCK to react to them and use them to their benefit.


Yesterday I finished playing through Stasis, a dark sci-fi point-and-click adventure game.

The writing is nice, the graphics also are. Animations and voice-acting are clunky at times but hey this is an indie game and these things tend to cost a lost. There is a clear pattern of descent into despair and the ending caught me off-guard end left me in the same "everything is fucked and we're all going to die alone" mood as This War Of Mine did.

It's on the vaporous store at 9€, go get it.

The Olympics being postponed knocks us severely off track from the Akira timeline.

me at 18: i'm voting for obama
my parents: oh, you'll get more conservative when you get older
me at 30: i think we should wipe our ass with the constitution

@Banquo Ocarina of Time may be ageless, but I am definitely not.

Underrated insult? Nincompoop. Call someone a nincompoop. There's no coming back from that


The sapiosexual pride flag would have to feature a


Das Guggenheim Museum hat seine Kunstbücher zum Download bereit gestellt und es ist großartig

I'm trying to sleep but i keep thinking about when a video game website contacted me for an interview because i said i wanted to fuck one of the overwatch characters. Haunted.

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