I'm reading a book about different family types to the three year old. She discovers a page with a girl with two mothers and happily points at it saying she has two mothers as well.
Can we please have this kind of representation in regular books that aren't about as well?

Diversity in children's books matters and it would be best not to make it the topic of the book but to normalise it. Just make it normal a kid has two mothers and tell an interesting story for a change?

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@AzureKingfisher casual representation is *extremely* powerful, especially in media targeted at children. If kids find it normal that someone has two moms/dads/more than two parents then it's much less of a deal later on.

speaking as a propagandist, extremely political 

@AzureKingfisher In fact, if you want to shape the course of a generation, children's media is how you do it. The current generations (Millennial and Gen Z) grew up on stifling liberal pacifism (the kind that punishes someone who defends themselves from bullies) that frustrated those with consciences or who suffered at the hands of the establishment, and it set the course of simmering resentment that's been utilized by right and left alike.

speaking as a propagandist, extremely political 

@AzureKingfisher Boomers, conversely, grew up on media where casual racism was rife, and it fucking *shows*.

speaking as a propagandist, extremely political 

@AzureKingfisher What you see and hear being accepted as normal by the people around you and the media you consume when you are a child sets your metric for normality. This is *extremely* powerful and should be handled with care, which of course means it never has been.

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