Is there an to for a closed group that wants to organize meetups, discuss topics and share blog articles now and then? It has to be easy and not self hosted. Any ideas?

@zalandocalrissian I proposed email/mailing lists and had to explain what that was.

ouch :| What about an instant messenger? Matrix (riot) has that cool feature where you can embed other web apps such as etherpad or jitsi meet into a chat room.


@zalandocalrissian that's something I would like to use but the reality is a group really liking the convenience of Facebook without seeing a problem with that. You'd need a Facebook copy I guess. :/

Haven't used it myself, but what about diaspora/friendica? Do they want facebook because of the features or because they already have an account there and your interactions within the group will blend into the rest of their facebook content seamlessly? If it's the latter, you won't find a tool that will satisfy them unless you convince them why facebook is evil and that that's a legitimate reason for you not to use it.

@zalandocalrissian I think it's because they're already used to it. You're right, there isn't a technical solution. Seems I'm stuck with Facebook.

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