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I'm a geeky woman that likes , , , # Linux and all that stuff I forgot about because of . Will also write about , and .
Pronouns: she/her, Languages: German, English.

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(Click to see a topical joke for today, but not like, a good joke or anything)

Vernal ...

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on a more serious note, is there such a thing as autistic consultants that get hired to tell people how to adapt their workplaces to autistic people, because i’d like (?) to do that

My occasional PSA: If you are young and/or vulnerable, if someone tries to convince you they're the only person who truly gets you, run run run run run. Especially if they start implying that to prove you're really X you need to attack Y for them.

Dear Lord, run. /I've seen this too often

@c0debabe @noelle @Jo If anyone ever says they think dinosaurs are less scary because they were huge birbs has never seen a fucking cassowary.

consent, a framework for ethically navigating interactions between adults, is not useful for navigating interactions between adults and children, which is primarily a relationship with asymmetrical responsibility where the latter party is not fully capable of taking care of themselves

Can we all just agree to call TERFs FARTs (Feminism Appropriating Radical Transphobe) from now on?

Shot in the dark, but I don't know anyone out here but my ex's family and we're not on great terms. If there's anybody in the East Valley in Arizona who'd be willing to stay in the waiting room during surgery and give me a ride to the pharmacy then home this Thurs at 1 please lmk

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Eine Freundin einer Freundin sucht nach Kinder-/Jugendbüchern mit Hauptfiguren, bei denen das Geschlecht unklar bleibt. Wahrscheinlich Deutsch bevorzugt, aber Englisch auch ok. Fällt wem was ein? (cc @rhonda @minx @kex_nom )

edit: nichtbinäre Protagonist_innen (von Kinder-/Jugendbüchern) werden auch gesucht. (Und, ist nicht so wichtig, ist für eine Uni-Sache.)

today i saw a roseate spoonbill!

these guys are big, they're pink, and they're got WEIRD bills, as the name loosely indicates! another bird that nearly got wiped out in the 18-1900's, they haven't recovered as well as the egret or limpkin so they're currently fairly uncommon. i was glad to spot two today!

they nest mainly in mangroves and willows, and are found around the gulf coast.

they wade in the shallows, sifting through muck to find hidden treats - mostly small fish, crabs, & bugs. ->

@Some_Person @forAll52 @jnclausen @Laura_I @tmorizot yup. that's what i thought as well, because it happens to both NT and autistic women, then i found out that there's autistic-specific risks as well

i used to think "why do i keep getting in messed up relationships? i know enough about the risks from growing up in an abusive family to know what the risks are that way, and this is different. wth"

hey so!!! are you asking a specific question online and not getting any help?

make a second account and answer your own question incorrectly

people will be piling on to correct you with specific explanations within an hour

it works literally every time ive been doing it for years

My selfies improved dramatically when I learned not to attempt a smile. Or any other plausible facial expression for that matter.

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