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me reading a poem about sexual violence, audio recording 

I recorded the poem from this thread and would be grateful to be heard. I'm not so happy with my accent and overly self conscious with my voice but here you are, this is me:

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I'm AzureKingfisher, a woman with white privilege living close to a big city in Switzerland, with all the benefits of its infrastructure, while deeply missing being in nature.

I'm a parent (2016).

Some of my interests are , , and . Sometimes I try to make .

I'm , traumatised, suffer from depression and will write about mental health.

I deeply care to the point that it hurts, so I'm grateful for CWs to being able to prepare.

covid-19, Switzerland, shit post 

Pandemic - new: also in Switzerland. Due to an off by one error Switzerland was still in 2019 last year.

Watched a great talk about representation of autistic people in media. It's in German.

(Does anybody want to add English subtitles?)

Only took me two days and asking questions to successfully compile asperite. Still don't know why they think forking skia and needing the compiled lib in one's home directory is a good idea.

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Hi, I'm sorting through my follower list and want to reduce my audience. It's nothing personal.

Please leave me a note if you want to keep following me and we're not mutuals.

In short, white people: Be race traitors not because you feel sorry for poor helpless POC and want to "save" us because eurgh no, but because your humanity, your freedom, your and your children's futures, and life itself on this planet depend on dismantling whiteness. It is a fight for your survival, too.

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The above quote post has been corrected thanks to feedback from @s0 , in a thread that was regrettably stranded when I deleted the original: Thanks so much for the help!

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“If you have come to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is tied up with mine, then let us work together.”
- #LillaWatson, an #Aboriginal activist from unceded #Gangulu land in central Queensland of so-called #Australia, alongside the other activists who developed these words with her

#Indigenous #solidarity

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And I don't mean cutesy theatrical "Ugh racism makes me so mad!! >:(" stuff when it's hip and they can do it without offending their other white friends, I mean the kind of belly-deep, boiling, bursting rage when you really *get* how fucked up and wrong all this is, how much has already been ripped away and will be ripped away by the systemic dehumanization of Black and Indigenous peoples. The kind of anger that drives you to tell your friends to go fuck themselves. No more pledges to "do better," no more teachable moments where you treat the pain of BIPOC as opportunities to better yourselves. No more belief in "progress," no more comfortable distance that gives you the benefit of being beatifically benevolent.

If white people can't feel anti-racism to be THEIR OWN fight that they have skin and blood and guts in then they will, at best, be placating bystanders and whiny "allies" who demand to be carried and catered to at every step.

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Hat Marie Kondo eigentlich auch irgendwelche genialen Roll-Falt-Schieb-Tipps zur Aufbewahrung von Sachen wie Kabel, Netzteilen, Mäusen, Tastaturen gegeben?

#alerta #fediverse

Be WARNED about the new projects by Wikipedia Co-Founder Dr. Larry Sanger !

I did not know that he became a right wing conspiracy theorist and lier.
Be warned he entered the fediverse.
His army did too with many new instances.
Be warned that he got “money” …

For further questions send me a DM.

I have a close friend who is being seduced by some pretty out there Covid conspiracy theories. I haven't the time to debunk it all (nor am I looking to debate any specific claims here). Does anyone have links to any legit, evidence based debunking sites I can share for another perspective? Boosts welcome. #askfedi #covid #conspiracy

Best charities that directly benefit Black trans folks in the US (additional countries is a bonus)? For my purposes, it basically needs to be an organization that you can find and donate to online. Okra Project is a good one that I'm aware of.

Good morning

PV did not shut down because of group infighting. Anyone saying that is trying to deflect away from the same spicy whites that have been the main problem for a year that have yet to deal w being what they are: Colorist and antiblack.

The same PV crew from before is still chillen together, just elsewhere.

reboost this, ta

Corona, gerpol, Petition 

„Impfschutz auch für schwer behinderte Menschen außerhalb von Pflegeeinrichtungen #Impfung #Corona #COVID19” - Jetzt unterschreiben!

non-binary, Iceland, + 

Icelanders now have the option of "X" as gender marker in all forms of ID, including passport and driving license, as of the start of 2021. ^_^

And, a comment notes "I've noticed how binary the last names are in Icelandic before, but that's cool to see that they will be allowed "-bur" instead of -son or -dóttir."

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