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I'm a geeky woman that likes , , , # Linux and all that stuff I forgot about because of . Will also write about , and .
Pronouns: she/her, Languages: German, English.

Hey, just a little community heads up.
Nazis are hopping on to big easily infiltrated instances like m.s and searching for leftist buzzwords. If your profule still federates with open reg instances, and you -don't- wanna feild follow requests from chuds, you may want to avoid calling yourself antifa, or including communist or anarchist in your profile, just until the gab infiltrators lose interest.
But if you -do- want to be someone who attracts the chuds in order to better filter them out or deplatform/harass them, then you should -definitely- put antifa, acab, trans, communist, etc in your handle, so your beacon of shitposting and nazi punching can attract the scum away from those whomst wish to go unseen.

I'm back into civilization after a week long festival and it feels like a shock.

Sexual Pred on Masto🚨 

Sexual Pred on Masto🚨 

It’s a hot hot hot hot day in parts of North America. If you’re like me, your only access to cooling at home is something like a struggling window unit.

Libraries can be cooling stations if you can get to one. And they mostly won’t kick you out. They’re a place you can be and not buy anything. Keep safe if you can. 💜💜💜💜

Ich lache gerade sehr, während ich versuche, den eingelegten Knoblauch in Knollen mit Schale zu verpacken.

Now, that this tweet gets more attention than expected: here is the self-promotion add-on tweet.
If you like science, art or technology, you might like my YouTube Vlog format "Work in Progress" where I document my artsy maker projects:

reminder that babylon 5’s Delenn was originally intended to be male before the events of “Chrysalis” and following episodes, and female after, but they couldn’t get the masc makeup to work quite right for the “before” so they went with an androgynous style as close as they could get

that’s right: while TNG was “taking both sides” on the “question” of conversion therapy, JMS said trans enby rights

I'm still looking to commission someone for an avatar. The person I initially contacted has disappeared (I hope they're OK) so the search is back on! Apologies for these repeated requests.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

@thegibson For those unaware of the Vice issue (pun) you are referring to:

In 2018, a reporter from Vice spent three days with Wu in Shenzhen, exploring the city, meeting Wu's friends, photographing Wu's home, and describing in depth the local creative history and Wu's recent creation, the Sino:Bit, a single-board microcontroller for computer education in China, and the first Chinese open-source hardware product to be certified by the Open Source Hardware Association.

The article drew criticism from Wu and from others when it was revealed that according to her agreement with Vice, details of her personal life should have been left out of the article, out of fear of retaliation by the Chinese government; Vice refused to comply and published the details regardless

There is Videotext in this car. I'm done with technology for today.

fire + 

selfie, eye contact, tears 

"Melting down in public" to the awful melody of "driving home for Christmas".

selfie, eye contact, tears 

@AzureKingfisher This reminds me the story about the early use of air conditioners in cinemas, when they were unusual anywhere else, which pushed the development of "summer blockbusters".

Heatwave 2019: local museums advertise with their air conditioned buildings.

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