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me reading a poem about sexual violence, audio recording 

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Reminder for difficult family gatherings:

You have the right to:
Leave the situation
Leave the house
Take breaks
Go to the restroom without needing to
Change your mind.

You are allowed to lie!
Your body isn't public property, nobody is allowed to touch you without consent.

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Hello new followers! You probably found me because of one of my posts. Please be aware that I usually share less about that stuff (there's only one congress a year) and a lot about my mental health journey with PTSD and depression, being autistic and having to deal with oppression. Don't worry, I use content warnings.
I try my best to be an intersectional feminist and I'm antifa.

If I didn't piss you off yet we'll probably get along well.

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Please exchange contact details on here when somebody means something to you (doesn't have to be street addresses or other identifying things). Mastodon accounts get deleted, servers vanish, phones get stolen and shit happens.

Please reach out to me if we're mutuals and you want an email address or messenger details.

Learned from losing someone to the internet void recently.

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I'm AzureKingfisher, a woman with white privilege living close to a big city in Switzerland, with all the benefits of its infrastructure, while deeply missing being in nature.

I'm a parent (2016).

Some of my interests are , , and . Sometimes I try to make .

I'm , traumatised, suffer from depression and will write about mental health.

I deeply care to the point that it hurts, so I'm grateful for CWs to being able to prepare.

What is it with my local friends that they manage to see every WhatsApp notification they get but don't see the ones of other messengers I try to use with them? I thought push notifications worked equally. No idea what they are doing with their phones but it's intercepting my social life.

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Somebody needs to make water proof noise canceling headphones I can take to the shower!

My kid wants a space rocket for her next birthday. Yes she means the real thing. You go, girl!

Wie mir Leute auf die Nerven gehen die mit "Wir dürfen in einer Demokratie keine Meinungen aussperren." daher kommen. Gerne kombiniert mit der Ergänzung: "Solange sie sich an die Gesetze und nette Diskussionsregeln halten."
Geht einfach weg. Bitte!

Oder noch besser, setzt euch mal lange hin. So ein paar Stunden. Überlegt in welchem Luxus ihr euch offenbar befindet und merkt dann dass ihr eigentlich nichts zu sagen habt.

#Darmstadt-Dieburg #polger #Südhessen 

trauma, meta, meme 

"Mom, we need to buy rocket fuel and a rocket as well."

tech question, thinkpad 

My kid wants a space rocket for her next birthday. Yes she means the real thing. You go, girl!

»Weil ich schwarz bin« - Rassismus sollte in Kitas nicht als Bagatelle abgetan werden / Die Expertin Nkechi Madubuko hat die Wirkung rassistischer Äußerungen wissenschaftlich untersucht -

Neurotypicals to their kids: “You got to be open and honest about things, always.”

Autistic people: *are open and honest about things*

Neurotypicals: “Not like that.”

mental health - 

physical health 

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