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I'm a geeky woman that likes , , , # Linux and all that stuff I forgot about because of . Will also write about , and .
Pronouns: she/her, Languages: German, English.

Bundeswehr übt im Tiergarten Strammstehen. Feldjäger sperren dafür die komplette Straße inkl @BVG_Bus. Soldat auf die Frage nach der Rechtsgrundlage:

"Wir schützen unsere Kameraden!"

Mal davon abgesehen, dass marschierende, waffentragende Soldaten samt Befehle brüllenden anderen Soldaten mitten in der Stadt nichts verloren haben: wäre das Sperren nicht Sache der Polizei?

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also good luck finding one for free with your phone and also, fucking deliver me from techboys, this is one of the writeups that's going around

"If you know you’re going to frequently use a password on a computer that does not have your 1Password information, you may want to commit the password to memory rather than randomizing it."

okay so do any tech people get why their shit makes no sense?

Like, I'm looking at an FAQ for one of them, and none of the questions answer how to use it. They only answer why you should use their thing over someone else's thing, assuming you already understand how and why their things works.

FFS, get out of your own buttholes please.

I'm seeing a lot of "use this password manager!!" but no explanations of how anything works that could be understood by someone who doesn't speak code. Especially the open source stuff.

If you are going to go around telling people they aren't doing security right, you might want to ask why that is and maybe it's because you are speaking what basically sounds like a foreign language.

If you want stickers, now is your chance!

I have to order the stickers first and I won't be super fast with sending them out, so they might take a while to get to you. I may also stop taking new requests if it gets out of hand.

If you can, request stickers for your whole *-space / group / event.

Lastly, I'll publish the print files, so if you want A LOT of stickers, you can also order them yourselves.

Es ist mal wieder eine Passwort-Sammlung mit Millionen von Konten aufgetaucht. Um sich davor zu schützen empfiehlt Troy Hunt unter anderem den Passwort-Manager 1Password. Diese Empfehlung würde ich niemals geben. Ihr braucht kein Abo-Modell, bei dem eure Passwörter in einer Cloud von proprietären Apps / Programmen gespeichert werden. 🤦‍♂️

Ihr braucht eine lokale Passwort-Datenbank und quelloffene, transparente Passwort-Manager wie KeePassXC:

Ob der Server erreichbar ist sagt mir nun die "Cloud"...

be nice to people today and help them and encourage them because the world is bad and they need it

that's all I have today

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decentralizing my closet by taking all my clothes and throwing them on the fucking floor

me: do you want to do XYZ?

them: “we don’t have to” / “we can”

me, clutching their face gently, whispering: that’s not what i asked

A dear friend of mine is kick-starting an #Arduino Project!
ProtoSwitchBoard, is environmentally friendly (biodegradable) and open source!

No more wire snake nests. No more reverse engineering your own prototypes after a coffee break.


I'm hungry. I might just eat the responsible politician.

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