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Please exchange contact details on here when somebody means something to you (doesn't have to be street addresses or other identifying things). Mastodon accounts get deleted, servers vanish, phones get stolen and shit happens.

Please reach out to me if we're mutuals and you want an email address or messenger details.

Learned from losing someone to the internet void recently.

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I'm AzureKingfisher, a woman with white privilege living close to a big city in Switzerland, with all the benefits of its infrastructure, while deeply missing being in nature.

I'm a parent (2016).

Some of my interests are , , and . Sometimes I try to make .

I'm , traumatised, suffer from depression and will write about mental health.

I deeply care to the point that it hurts, so I'm grateful for CWs to being able to prepare.

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I'm a geeky woman that likes , , , # Linux and all that stuff I forgot about because of . Will also write about , and .
Pronouns: she/her, Languages: German, English.

sexual abuse 

Reminder that content warnings are a good thing and not just to hide spoilers and punchlines.

@Cyborgneticz My 90+ grandma sent me a letter using the correct name and pronouns, after she heard from someone else that I was trans. I was not going to come out to her because I thought it would be pointless. How wrong I was.

My advisor just sent me an email saying he tried to avoid pronouns when introducing me to his class yesterday and that he is sorry if he misgendered me.

This man is Literally 80 years old so the idea that old folx can't learn and change is some bullshit.

Can y'all please use CW for Richard Stallman, abuse and sexual topics and only boost CWed posts please?

Trying to find a couple examples of art from the period that shows people walking toes first.

What RMS, Torvalds and the like cost us 

Would anyone be interested in a sewing blog focused on sewing for trans women?

Stuff like copying patterns from clothing that already fits you well so that you can feminize them. Clothing modification. Making your own femme underwear that'll fit your hips and genital configuration. That sort of thing.

I'm not an amazing seamstress, but I'm finding sewing to be a very affirming way of approaching the process of replacing my clothes.

The rudist bivalves were an unusual reef building group common in Cretaceous tropical seas. The "elevator type" rudists looked kind of like trash cans with one cone-shaped valve stuck in the sediment and the other serving as a lid. Other "reclining" forms looked kind of like croissants resting on the bottom. Sadly, not much is known about the lifestyle of these unusual clams as they went extinct in the same event that wiped out the dinosaurs. #clamfacts

@popstar @flowless hmm thats fair, but I think its true that a lot of people DONT know that. The people on this website do for sure, but a lot of normies They hear "machine learning" and "AI" and think its something other than just regurgitating what it's been told.

A lot of the people writing these don't really think about where the original training data came from, theres sets of data out there that just get passed around and built on top of without critical thought. Garbage in Garbage out

too many abusive tech folks are hiding in plain site and i am tired

My father taught me that men would treat me badly, and that I would be better served to pursue the things that interest me and ignore the men as best I could. In many ways, I have - my interests are all over the map in terms of traditional "girl" and "boy" interests. But I've still been driven out of places because the men were too awful.

So dudes, every wistful reflection on the people who made open source into what it currently is? There's a woman taking notes about whether you're safe.

Hey friends!
Get STI tested if you have sex.
Doesn't matter if you're monogamous.
Doesn't matter if you always use safer sex protection.
Being aware of your status and bodily health is important and Not shameful.

It doesnt mean you dont trust your partner/s. It doesnt mean you arent being safe.
It means you are informed about your body and its wellness.

on a soapbox about food allergies/intolerances 

So ganz theoretisch – gibt es gute Quellen, um deutschsprachige E-Books zu piraten? Mir geht es ganz konkret um österreichische Schulbücher. Rein theoretische Frage natürlich.



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