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I'm a geeky woman that likes , , , # Linux and all that stuff I forgot about because of . Will also write about , and .
Pronouns: she/her, Languages: German, English.

Hey, folks.

So, I am currently unemployed (again) and in the middle of a second emergency move since the beginning of the year. I'm also broke and still dealing with my violent, stalkery soon-to-be ex husband.

If anyone can help me out with storage and transportation expenses I would be forever grateful.

Earlier today, I gave a couple of peanuts to a crow, and after it ate them, it approached me- tentatively, but it got much closer than crows usually do. So I gave it another peanut, after talking to the crow a bit (which seemed to soothe it).

It tried to bury the peanut next to a sapling by shoving it into soft ground, but it didn’t go in far enough, so the crow pulled the peanut out, grabbed a stick, deepened the hole, then put the peanut back in and buried it.

I watched a crow use tools. :D

@gentlerdarknesses heck, there is not even a right way to be binary-gender. Be good to yourself and others, and to hell with anyone telling you how to gender right.

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Please tell me that someone has shown this image at a Landscape Architecture conference because I've seen in many times at tech conferences.

What is it that makes people of spam call companies think they can interrupt a woman with phone anxiety with a surprise call? *block*

I'm actively avoiding the always unfriendly maintenance man of our building. Good there are two balconies and he can only be on one side of the house at once.

Sitting on the balcony floor installing flower pots while bathing in my sound bubble.

(Not) learned from life: cable ties don't sustain UV light for more than a year.

They can lift heavy things as long as they are not exposed to sun light. *cleans up the mess*

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PSA: the term "echo chamber" is just describing the resistance to the fascist wish of a "right to be popular"

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